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Nicholas Kirkwood designed some shoesies for the Keith Haring Foundation. Haring was the 80’s pop artist extraordinaire – you’ll recognise the print instantly.  Kirkwood wanted to incorporate Haring’s graphics into his own shoe designs. I’m not digging it.

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This question displeases me. My FINSK wedges finally arrived and they are not made for walking. They are made for gliding. They are fearless and architecturally intrepid and scare the living hell out of all the other shoes on the block. These send messages, they make demands, they lock things down and stare you unwavering in the eye. Nope, these aren’t just shoes, they are ambitions and lifestyles and statements and mandates. And if I have to spend most of my time sitting, who cares? I’ll still be perched above you on my grand stilts of power.

You may be aware of my previous opining for these shoes – you can check it here. And if you were in any doubt as to their magnificence, check out the below endorsement:
‘I am captivated by her work. It is like nothing anybody is doing at the moment, exquisite, divine, perfect’ – Manolo Blahnik, quoted in W Magazine.
Go forth and conquer people.


Me in the Middle

So the trip to Copenhagen for the ONLY Jeans Blogging Party/ Competition begins in earnest tomorrow. And so begins my Black Ops Undercover Invasion of the World of European Fashion Bloggers. For those of you uninitiated, What Will I Wear Today won a Best Irish Blogger competition with Danish ONLY Jeans. Prize includes a 2-night trip to Copenhagen to partake in shopping, blogging and photo-shooting. As WWIWT holds it’s tongue very much in it’s sartorial cheek, winning was a bit of a mystery. To avoid being caught downtown in Fraudtown, I’ve been concocting ways and means of employing Fashion Subterfuge. Checklist to date: Read the rest of this entry »

converse on weight watchers

I have owned at least one pair of Converse  for years. But I gave up on them for a good while because I was making an attempt to de-scruffy myself. Plus I concluded, they made me look like a twelve year old.

But unless you’re Lady GaGa, there’s always a day when you just don’t feel like wearing heels. My back-up Cons (pink with a double tongue) were pissing me off so it was time to buy a new pair once again. I purchased the above pair of Slims yesterday and I just LOVE them. They look lovely on a bare leg or with skinny trousers. They have the affect of looking like a pump, so they almost look chic.  My back-up pink Cons can go back to being just that, the back-up I generally avoid having to wear.

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The other night I had a dream. I was a teacher, Dylan Moran was my boyfriend and my parents were a travelling folk music duo. Somehow from this madness an epiphany emerged. I began to examine my fashion personality.

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I’ve been buying the odd pair of shoes in Marks and Sparks for a few years now. Leopard print courts, perfect ballet pumps, sandals that have those Heels With a Secret patent… they’ve never let me down, so I’ve always been a bit of a fan.  But christ on a bike through charity work, their latest collection has the most amount of gems that I’ve seen in recent years. I’m especially impressed with the above pair which are heavily borrowing from Alexander Wang’s style. I must have them.

Have a look at some others I picked out after the cut

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i am finally back from Bulgaria and feeling  less than refreshed. not that i thought a week long manic, party-infested, alcohol and pizza driven holiday was going to be refreshing at all. on first arrival  in Bulgaria i wasn’t exactly prepared for what i was going to encounter. there truly isn’t much to say about Bulgarian style. in Bulgaria its all about the ripped t-shirts, colour pop string tops and metallic (not so much cool Dizzee Rascal but more mingin’-blingin’ Basshunter) bikinis. i felt like i was transported back into the 90’s – i saw an extreme overload of permed hair, luminous leg warmers and ill-fitting, high-waisted, stone-washed jeans. Read the rest of this entry »

Yeah, yesterday’s subject matter had left me with a cold sense of Meh but today… today my friends, I’m bizarrley beguiled by these new offerings from Miuccia Miuccia Prada aka Miu Miu.

They’re from the forthcoming Autumn Winter 2010 collection. And I’m willing to put money on the fact that they’ll be the darlings of the fashion press in a few short months.

Following on from Miuccia’s amazeballs offerings from the Spring Summer collection, these are in a completely different vein, though again heavily nodding to decades past. (I reckon it’s further evidence of how Mad Men-ification is taking off.)

More pics and a sneak peak of Miu Miu’s A/W 2010 collection after the cut…

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So after my previous rant about heart V head with my wedding shoesies, I was still unable to decide.

I was then off doing the Focus Ireland Four Peaks Challenge for four days (enormous rant to come about how some people look glamorous in outrageous weather conditions while hiking) and while struggling through dense fog on Carrintowgal, debated the issue in my head and decided to be sensible and purchase within my budget. When I returned yesterday I clicked on to do so and saw that their sale had begun!!! Read the rest of this entry »

There is a recession on apparently. I have ceased to pay attention to the panic mongering about Ireland going broke and we are soon to be put under martial law by the International Monetary Fund. I find it gives me a stabbing pain in my arm and chest that is quite distressing.

However, I am trying to be more sensible with my salary which is usually blown on trash mags, diet cokes, mojitos, hangover takeaways and over expensive M&S fruit salads. Approximately 8 days after payday. In keeping with this frugality, I have decided to re-cycle my recent bridesmaid dress for use at my up-coming formal graduation and also to borrow a dress for a wedding I will be attending. I do not, however, have appropriate shoes for the beautiful black and gold number I shall be donning to the wedding. Read the rest of this entry »


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