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So on another musical theme, LMFAO have that Miami song. Something about something about getting wasted in Miami or something.  Delightfully irritating. Never mind that though, the fashion people, the FASHION. Zebra print as far as the eye can see, sequins, boombox necklaces, an explosion of neon, outrageously stupid glasses. Read the rest of this entry »


So as we discovered in an earlier post, they call me Lips Mc Ginn. This might somehow imply I have big sumptuous lips or that I have a penchant for the lipstick, but neither are true. My lips are a part of my facial geography that I completely ignore. And I mean completely.

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it shouldn’t work…the pink is loud and vulgar, the back straps suggest trailor trash, the padding doubles over as body armour and the front clip mocks all notions of irish prudism.

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here’s a tip. cycling shorts are back. with a vengeance. last seen in bananarama videos and at mother redcaps flea market in 1988 (also a regular feature on the tour de france circuit), cycling shorts are going to be busting a move all over spring/summer 2010. and you know what? i think i’m in. i’ll tell you why. people automatically recoil in horror at the mere thoughts of fluoro, shiny, skin-tight shorts and i concur. but people, we gotta remember, these historical cycling shorts are a) historical, b) historically paraded about as a key fashion statement and c) historically used for power walking (the sport of the 80’s). the crucial difference with the modern incarnation is that they are accessory and not focus. they can go under skirts, under shorts, under dresses. they shall preserve a bit of modesty, whilst flashing some leg (tights neglect to do this). they come lacey, they come floral, they come in subtle nude tones. they are altogether more subserviant in the greater fashion scheme of things. louis vuitton, prada, louise goldin, DKNY and topshop unique have all given their blessing. and the leggings joke was starting to wear a bit thin non?



Louis Vuitton

Afro optional. I’d say optional.

Louis Vuitton

Topshop Unique

Louise Goldin

Louise Goldin


i have finally figured out the snappery-whizzery-pressery-bobbery thing that is the digital camera (did i ever mention i studied photography for 3 years in college? i immediately eradicated that part of my memory space on account of a beastly lecturer and a complete aversion to photoshop. the endless hours wasting away over a cropped selection, the spinning ball of death, and don’t get me started on layers…) now i just press and snap and the only function i know is the glaring, bleaching, anger of the flash. great for sandblasting out ruddy complexions and bloodshot eyes. anywaaaaaaaaaaay, it means i am in the first flush of excitement whereby i take pictures of anything and everything. and lucky for you dear reader, i am sharing these glorious snaps with you. i might branch out into family portraits next year. or travel destinations. nothing more riveting then looking through blurred shots of rock formations in places you haven’t been to, with people you don’t care about.

so below you can witness my foray into neon orange nail varnish. i still love it. it’s very…present. like you can’t miss it, it’s always there, like a beacon at sea, or a road sign. especially when partnered with my knuckleduster (that be the blurred part of this shot, but i’m sure you get the drift) and my topshop diamond collection (people keep asking me about them; almost in awe – they cost me a tenner and remind me of barn-brack plastic rings, but i’m obviously working it somehow). beneath that again you can see my secret santa clutch present – i am the beneficiary, and it has already been put to good use. i paraded it out about the town on friday night and found it to be ample in size, light in weight and damn sexy.

obnoxiously neon orange nails

obnoxiously dirty tabletop counter. and new clutch.

got some citrus sharp orange nail varnish….been hankering after some neon for a while. debuting it in the office…colleagues a little perturbed. i think it offers a little sparkle in an otherwise grey world.
it does seem to be growing more effervescent by the minute. i sense that staring too long at my nails might induce a headache.

feeling a little overwhelmed and to be quite frank, a little abused by the vicious wheel of fashion. sometimes you get suckered in without realising…consumed by the rapidly regenerating trend cycle of things You Simply Must Have only to realise that the new item of cherished clothing Simply Won’t Do anymore. all in the space of a week. thoughts are a little raw on this…i feel like i’m trying to escape an abusive relationship, and so a more developed rant will be coming soon.

in other general musings, i am interested to see how jedward will be styled and shot for the cover of dazed and confused, i’m excited about my upcoming penneys binge this wednesday, i’m conflicted over whether to buy a cruella de ville style faux fur jacket and finally i’m wondering if it is really superficial to be writing about fashion when we are at the brink of global warming disaster? perhaps that is why i’m feeling so uninspired on the blog front at the moment.

I think it’s time to reintroduce the power of the line. The eye-line. It’s so easy to revert to (make-up) type – mine is smouldering grey/black with lots of mascara; for others it’s the matte red lip, playful fake lashes, or a trusted brown palette. Well I personally am gonna shake some crazy right all over my face – starting with the Power-Line – observe Rihanna on the front of Weekend magazine…just a wink of cheeky pink under the bottom lashes and POW – sex on a pink stick. L.AM.B – make up range by Gwen Stefani, executed an electrifying bolt of neon yellow and brimstone red on a bare canvas for the Spring/Summer 2010 show. Perhaps the theme is really neon? Style magazine did a feature on gold last week – but this was no ordinary gold. Neon orange provided the backdrop for a gritty, golden veil – putting an edge into the usual razzle-dazzle.

Rihanna working a lick of pinkRihanna working a lick of pink

Neon smoulder

Danger Danger – High Voltage

Fire in the Disco!


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