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This is my good friend Bez, who has been dying to get featured on this blog. He knew I was going for dinner last night and dressed up specially for the occasion. Some people eh? So fame-hungry. I jest, I jest. I harangued him into letting me take some pictures. For proof of evidence that some men really do know how to work the waist-coat. Often associated with boy-bands and try-hard presenters, here is an example of:

a) the casual suit (matching slacks and cons)
b) clashing prints (pinstripe and check? well done bezzy boy)
c) heritage – previously considered one of the trends for women, here we see how the male can appropriate the fabrics for a take on A/W heritage

Bez thought he looked like Kim Jong-il in the first picture, so we had to do a round II, replete with my sunnies. Which I left at dinner. And now I am squinting in the sun. Thank you Bez.


A letter from Jennie Mc Ginn to the topman at Topman. It follows an experience at the weekend in which two items were purchased after advice from the Sunday Times Style magazine to ‘check out the XS t-shirts in Topman’. Read the rest of this entry »

In keeping with the male theme today, Vice Magazine did a fashion shoot entitled Muslim Guys, featuring a group of (presumably?) Muslim models dressed in a mix of high street and designer clothing. The purpose of the shoot was to style within the parameters of traditional male Muslim dress. Vice magazine like to subvert norms and inject a bit of controversy into their fashion shoots. Read the rest of this entry »

I am not a fan of Jedward. There, I said it. No doubt to a backdrop of shocked silences, a chorus of tut tuts and a wave of nodding heads. I just don’t ‘get’ them. What is their purpose? What are they for? Every time I see a performance, I cringe at the stunning naivete, the collusion in national exploitation and the truly staggering lack of talent. Read the rest of this entry »


Some words on trouser length, width and general acceptability. Just a suggestion.  Read the rest of this entry »

Terry Richardson and Jersey Shore have combined for some fist pumping, weight crunching, fake tan filled, hair gelled action in these new set of pics. As previously blogged about, Jersey Shore is the new hit reality car crash show on MTV. A house on the Shore was filled for a summer with self proclaimed “guidos” and “guidettes” to run amok in – a reality show quite unlike any other. The “guidos” in this show seem to have fared a lot better than the “guidettes”, coming out with a squeaky clean (and extremely tanned) image, despite their outrageous and provocative behaviour….cue Richardson jumping on the bandwagon to give us these relatively tame ( by Richardson’s standards ) pictures for Interview magazine.

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just hangin

I know, I know, I’m probably a wee bit late in discovering this band…in fairness though, it’s not the usual type of band I would be interested in. But after youtubing this indie folk quartet, not only am I am thoroughly impressed with their hit song Little Lion Man, but the positively dapper fashion of the boys in the band is fantastic. I do love to see a man that takes pride in his appearance. Too many rely on the usual uniform of not-too-tight-not-too-baggy jeans and t-shirt/ hoody depending on the weather – although to give them some credit they’ll always have the latest three stripe runners…

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No, it’s not some dirty blog entry, you filthy-minded smut hounds. Rather, it’s a topic that is, literally, close to every woman’s chest – boobs, and the supporting of them.
From the day we girls have our first bra fitted, we are told how important it is to wear the right size bra. And yet so few of us do. I know that I’ve been guilty of breaking this cardinal rule more than once. It’s because Life gets in the way of keeping an eye on your chest size. I mean, we’ve all heard that one should be fitted every six months for optimum bra sizing. But let’s be honest, how many of us do. The simple fact is that if you get fitted and invest in some good quality bras, they should see you right past the six month best before date. That of course is assuming you don’t lose or gain significant amounts of weight. I myself haven’t been fitted for about a year, but I did have the cop on to buy some really good bras the last time I was fitted, and they’re still doing the job admirably.

Here comes the science bit

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today was not a great day for me. in life and fashion. i got up, looked in the mirror and decided just then that i was going to have neither a good face, good hair or good clothes day. i threw on a pair of tracksuit bottoms (great festival find) and a scruffy t-shirt along with a pair of jennie’s runners that i stole (sorry jen…emmm couldn’t get through to you? yeah that’s a good excuse). after a whirlwind cramming session for my driving test, i set out to go to the test centre. leaning back and forward on the waiting room chair was the worst bit (or so i thought).  as soon as i met the examiner though, in his stern leather jacket and wife-bought shiny shoes, i knew it wasn’t going to go well. i think his distinct lack of response to my wide-smile put me off the most. anyway long story short, the test didn’t go so well and i have decided to channel my anger with a bitch and moan session on whatwilliweartoday? what hit me most about that day was not the shaky reverse around the corner or the ‘lack of observation’,  but the worn, black, side-zipped leather jacket the examiner was wearing. i began to think about the men i know who wear leather jackets. in total i think its two: my dad when he is riding his mot0rcycle, and my friend’s dad when he is riding his motorcycle. this i think is perfectly fine. they are sturdy, hard-wearing and act as a protection against the harsh elements. but outside of those two examples,  i think that quite possibly could be it for men. i have come across few men who actually look good in leather (generally in the pages of vogue, glamour, cosmo etc) and then the rest get it so desperately wrong you just cant help but wonder why? oh dear god why? it’s always too tight, too cheap, too spaghetti western, too eurovision, too sleazy italian, too mid-life crisis, too shiny and sometimes, just sometimes, too feminine. i am definitely not saying that men are the only culprits of this risqué trend but from what i have seen and heard it is usually  the men who tend to ‘misinterpret’ these jackets (to say the least). so mr-examiner-who-failed-me, is it jonathan rhys myers or ‘becks’ who inspired you to wear one of these monstrosities?

oh the horror

double the leather

double the hideous-ness

since i’ve calmed down a little, i do applaud the men who get the leather trend right though. brad and shia le beouf  have it down to a T. but apart from that guys lets leave the leather to the bikers and the women. even though leather emerged as the male jacket icon, it has been captured and mastered by us women! better luck next time lads.

picture perfect in a biker jacket

shia, my personal fave, never gets it wrong

are you sick of ripped abs and chiseled jaws and piercing stares and preppy dress and sunny dispositions? gleaming teeth and hairless chests? clean lines and prissy personalities? im talking about the image of the ‘perfect man’ that is projected throughout the modeling, advertising and acting worlds. of course there are exceptions – vincent cassel, javier bardem and steve buscemi among them (the latter may be a personal preference) but on the whole the media is saturated with these sanitized versions of man. well a german model agency, based in cologne, has retaliated against this homogeneity and is promoting men (and women) with ‘poetic’ looks,  people with a ‘natural energy and warmth’. the agency is called nine daughters and a stereo, and were recently featured in dazed digital, conducting a shoot with the ‘wild’ men of cologne.they are imperfect perfect, flawless but flawed – pierced, unkempt, crooked, pale, awkward, individual and unique.


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