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Hm. This is a style that I’ve always kind of flirted with…the neat gold chains I used to layer around my neck for two years hinted at it…the silver hoops I bought a few months ago that stretched to a large one and a half diameter were remarked upon by friends… Read the rest of this entry »


I’ve been sitting here trying to decipher what my thoughts are on animal print, more specifically leopard print, and how to wear it and more importantly… rock it ! But I gotta admit it’s a tricky one. Leopard print is BIG news (again!!) for Autumn Winter 2010, and wandering around Grafton street today, its pretty much everywhere already– Zara, River Island, Topshop, H&M and BT2. Cheryl Tweedy was even papped in an uber cute babydoll leopard dress recently, there’s the nod folks – its so in right now!!!! The thing with leopard print is that its omni present across almost every season, never really going out of fashion as such and having a ‘come back’ almost every other year… I picked up a pair of leopard print Steve Madden mega high heels a few seasons ago, and my love for them never falters… Read the rest of this entry »

converse on weight watchers

I have owned at least one pair of Converse  for years. But I gave up on them for a good while because I was making an attempt to de-scruffy myself. Plus I concluded, they made me look like a twelve year old.

But unless you’re Lady GaGa, there’s always a day when you just don’t feel like wearing heels. My back-up Cons (pink with a double tongue) were pissing me off so it was time to buy a new pair once again. I purchased the above pair of Slims yesterday and I just LOVE them. They look lovely on a bare leg or with skinny trousers. They have the affect of looking like a pump, so they almost look chic.  My back-up pink Cons can go back to being just that, the back-up I generally avoid having to wear.

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“Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross
To see a fine lady upon a white horse
With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
She shall have music wherever she goes”

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oh how i have missed you...

oh how i have missed you...

A week from now I will be standing in an over-crowded, smelly, disease-infested  field in the middle of nowhere. I will be ankle deep in mud,  isolated from hygiene-friendly toilets and clean, dry clothes. The only food to be consumed will be €15 hamburgers, which, strangely enough considering the price, taste pretty sick. Oh good god, the excitement is overwhelming!  This glorious event (as we all know) is known as Oxegen. Or as I like to call it OXEGENO 2K10 BABY!!!! ♥ (well not really I just thought it’d be fun to say) Read the rest of this entry »

what is no festival complete without? forget wellies, toilet roll and dutch gold. think wilfully obscure, whimsical, fanciful jewellery from tatty devine. the collection is twee, retro, naff and trendy. some of the pieces are so nostalgic – remember fancy-paper and sticker collecting? pierrot the clown stationary? hobby horses? plastic rings? Read the rest of this entry »

Technology. I remember when the height of technology in Irish society was having a video player. And that was so you could record Corrie if you happened to be out. These days, it’s all I-phones at dawn. Over the pub table it’s an App-Off – with everyone trying to out-do each other with sleep tracking applications and Eurovision prediction databases and magnetic compasses. I have recently become an I-widow my boyfriend has taken to his I-phone with abandon and I have been relegated well below his World Cup app. Read the rest of this entry »

I love it when two worlds collide, affording you an opportunity to write a flippant, superficial post about a monumental historical discovery. Fashion-lite meets one of the 100 most important objects in the world. This splendiferous gold cape has been featured in the History of the World in 100 objects series, curated by the British Museum. It was crafted out of a tiny spec of gold and shaped into a very thin cape, thought to have been adorned by wealthy women and children in Wales.

No smiling was allowed in the taking of this picture

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today i came across a new designer. not by scrawling through the pages of vogue, or by aimlessly watching two hours of fashiontv, or even by flicking through other blogs. today, i was

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wedding fever is in the air. not for me personally. i couldn’t be further from married life if i packed it all in and ran away to the nunnery in the sound of music. but you know how it is. a friend’s brother gets married, then lara stone and david walliams, jude law and sienna look to be setting another date, somebody else you know is renewing their vows, rita in the office keeps flashing her vulgar wedding ring and every magazine is wetting themselves over how to accessorise your man to your handbag. you know wedding fever reaches its peak of stupidity when the fashion industry proclaims that florals are in. has anybody noticed that florals are ‘in’ every year? and around the same time of every year? Read the rest of this entry »


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