Yeah, yesterday’s subject matter had left me with a cold sense of Meh but today… today my friends, I’m bizarrley beguiled by these new offerings from Miuccia Miuccia Prada aka Miu Miu.

They’re from the forthcoming Autumn Winter 2010 collection. And I’m willing to put money on the fact that they’ll be the darlings of the fashion press in a few short months.

Following on from Miuccia’s amazeballs offerings from the Spring Summer collection, these are in a completely different vein, though again heavily nodding to decades past. (I reckon it’s further evidence of how Mad Men-ification is taking off.)

More pics and a sneak peak of Miu Miu’s A/W 2010 collection after the cut…

The shoes Jackie Kennedy would have worn

Also check out these embellishments:

Even Newer Romantic

Cape for your ankles, anyone?

Interesting enough with out going Gaga interesting...

Notwithstanding the fact that I cannot afford these shoes, the truth is I probably wouldn’t wear them anyway. Bit dainty for me. ya know? Which is why I really can’t tell you why I’ve been so taken in by them. Can someone help me out in the comments? (or disagree… maybe I’m seeing something you’re not.)

BTW – I was unable to find a picture of what, for me, are the stand-out pair. Or at least my favourite ones from the lookbook.  They’re nude with a mirrored ‘tongue’, a green bow on the toe and have a brown sole. Keep an eye out for them though, they’re beyond go-wur-jus!

And, as promised, here’s a peek at the rest of the collection. Yeah I know it’s horrible watching coats come down the catwalk when it’s actully sunny outside. But go on sure! Indulge in the fantasy and see the shoes in action!