Aideen anseo…

Good God Almighy, when it comes to how fantastic Mad Men is, where do I even begin? It’s not just the fantastic story lines, the well developed characters, the faithfulness to the period – it’s the fact that the fashion is a veritable feast for the eyes. I defy you not to salivate over Betty’s dresses or marvel at Joan’s voluptuous figure poured into her office attire. And Peggy? Ah well I suspect her time will come. The gay fella in the art department started her on the right track. By series five, she’ll be in a mini skirt, I betcha!

I wasn’t watching the show for long before I HAD to buy a bright red lippie. And then an even deeper red lippie. In fact, I probably won’t be stopping until I’ve made my way through the full spectrum (FYI – Revlon was available at every drug-store in 60s New York. Apparently the original Revlon Red, which women would have worn up and down Madison Avenue, is still available.)

And you’ll notice I’m not alone – red lipstick is obviously back in a big way but which came first? The trend or the show?

I’m going with the show for now. And the influence hasn’t ended there. All of a sudden, I feel like I’m seeing Hermès scarves everywhere. Pearl necklaces are back too (though to be fair, did they ever really go away?) Prada also have a pair of sunglasses out this summer that look very like Betty’s in the above picture.

Janie Bryant is the woman behind the show’s costumes. Boy,  do I think she’s doing a sterling job (see what I did there… eh? eh?)

When on the Mad Men web site recently, I saw her mention something verrry interesting. As series 3 drew to a close, we were in November of 1963. That means the early sixties are almost over… in fashion terms, ya know what that means? MODS ARE ON THEIR WAY.

If I was finding it hard to wait for series 4 to begin, I am positively DYING now!

Let me leave you with some clothes porn:



Peter and Trudy

Jane before she had her wrists slapped by Joan for her 'overexposure' of the boobular region