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So some exciting stuff happening fashion-wise this week. Legendary 60’s label Biba is launching in House of Fraser this evening. Sumptuous, glamorous colours and textures, all in the signature styles.

AND…wait for it, wait for it – SCARF EXPERT in Brown Thomas at the weekend and DENIM EXPERT in BT’s. So, if like me, you couldn’t knot a scarf to save your life or are in a permanent state of builders bum, head on down to bargaintown.
Check out my LeCool write ups (with more information) here.


Stop the press peeps…It has just been announced that the stunning French design house Lanvin is teaming up with highstreet giant H&M!!! And to say I’m excited would be a MASSIVE understatement.  This is huge news people… Lanvin is one of my all time fave designers, oozing ridiculously unattainable glamour, luxury and sophistication…
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WWIWT are delighted to be featured in this months Irish Tatler Magazine (on page 62 if you want to have a gander and see it live in print).

Our total world domination plan is coming along nicely….insert manical Dr Evil style laugh Moo ha ha ha ha ha ha

So I was in the gym the other day. Like a lean, mean, workout machine (red-faced, sweating and trembling slightly). I was doing some squats or lunges or possibly some squatted lunges and I had a sort-of epiphany. I realised that these lunge-squat thingymabobbies were making my thighs strong and muscly. Not waspish and gazelle-like. Which I assume, in some subconscious, fashion influenced manner, I was striving for.

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You’ll probably have noticed through my recent blogs, there is more than just the one reference to Jasmine Di Milo. Di Milo is by and large one of my fav designers at the mo… mind you, I tend to be quite fickle and this can change…. but for right now, you could say I am just a tiny bit obsessed with her work – I am loving her Spring Summer 2010 collection.  So you can imagine my incredible disappointment at the recent announcement that Jasmine’s Autumn Winter 2010 collection, oddly entitled ‘The Puzzle Factory’, will be her last… The official statement was that Jasmine has decided, after only ten years of designing, to now focus on her other interests!! Booo to that! So I thought it was only right to pay homage to her… after all from now on her pieces will be collector items… so get buying I say!!!

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RING RING. RING RING. (simulated telephone ringing)

Whatwilliweartoday: Hello?

Flirt FM: Oh hey whatwill, how are you?

WWIWT: So great!

Flirt: Just wondering if you want to be bezzie mates??

WWIWT: OMG yea totally!!

Flirt: Awesome, well ill ring you once a week and we can have a good natter about all things fashion related, k?

WWIWT: So cool!

Flirt: Great, well i’ll buzz you every Thursday between 5.00 and 5.30pm and we can catch up!

WWIWT: That’s deadly but Flirt, what do I do if i forget our fantastic conversation???

Flirt: I haven’t quite figured that one out yet but i’ll keep you updated! But for now check it out here every Thursday between 5.00pm and 5.30pm!!

WWIWT: Awesome! best friends 4eva Flirt laters xxx

*conversation may not have actually gone quite like this…..

the first great joke

Had a little shoot last week in Herbert Park for the Independent.  The five sisters…and their five different styles… to be featured in the Weekend Magazine. It was hairspray and eyeliner a-go-go, with obvious last-minute calamities – forgotten dress, limp hair, random stains and the icing on the cake – no milk for the tea. But we put it all together in a chaotic blizzard of adrenaline and hairspray fumes. Truth be told, it was a very alien experience. It’s all pout and pose and lemme-into-that-picture when you’ve sunk a few glasses of vino, but in the stark, cold light of sobriety, it’s a different case altogether. I mean I always shout at the TV when I’m watching ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) – Smize! Smize godammit! Why are you walking like a constipated gazelle? Chin up, chin UP! But it’s actually quite difficult. Tyra Banks – and her quest to elevate the status of modelling to Nobel Laureate recognition – is a ridiculous caricature of self-help and self-absorption, but to be fair, she was spot on about having to work at it. The day involved lots of awkward, robotic smiling and stiff, unnatural posing. I think we got it eventually when we started telling our favourite jokes*. The photographer – Martin  – was a total champ and did his best to put us at ease. The experience was a great insight, but truly exhausting and required an almighty feast of cake to restore us.

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So at the weekend we had a mosey into the Xpose Live show in the RDS. We felt compelled to go as I live across the road (it would be rude not to) and we had been subjected to the most aggressive advertising campaign in Irish broadcasting history. If you happened to tune in to TV3 at any stage of the day or night, over the past 6 months, nestled in between a plethora of imported reality TV programming you may have noticed up to 8 adverts for Xpose Live! over the course of an hour.  Not one to shy away from such powerful marketing strategies, myself, Mother Dearest and Rachel checked it out.

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Here’s a little piece I did for le cool magazine – le cool are a weekly digital magazine doing the round up of what’s happening in fair Dublin.

The article is about the upcoming Africa Fashion Week in the RDS this weekend.

“Fashion has always had a soft spot for the tribal – the ‘new’ ethnic is an annual fixture on the catwalk. However, the homage is always a little forced, a little tokenistic… photo shoots with 10ft models laconically draped over mud-huts or wading through croc-infested waters. Tribal always represented ‘the other’. Well Dublin is hosting Africa Fashion Weekend this Friday and African style is most definitely occupying the centre. A mix of eminent and up-and-coming African designers will be showing their collections; including the prolific Eric Raisina, who has worked with fashion powerhouses Yves St Laurent and Gaultier, and the one-to-watch Afro-Chique, who fuses her Afro-Caribbean heritage with the urban street-style of London. Eight designers are featured over the course of the weekend providing a truly immersive African fashion experience”.

RDS, Bewleys Hotel, Ballsbridge, 2nd, 3rd April. €25

Shows start 7pm sharp

tory burch's tote campaign

so last week brown thomas released their latest offering for the fashion targets breast cancer campaign. every year the shop gets a new designer on board to create a bag to sell, with all proceeds going to the irish cancer society. it’s the brown thomas way of giving a little bit back to the community i suppose…after tricking us out of our money with their adorable top-hatted front man and  ‘hate-to-admit-it-but-so-cool-to-be-seen-with-it’ luscious brown striped bag! their previous bags have admittedly been a bit fashion undesirable. diane von furstenberg’s iconic print was let down by the dowdy shape, which suggested rachel allen on her way to a picnic circa 1990. the following year, paul smith’s creation resembled the free bags i used to get with my subscription to bliss magazine. this year however i must commend brown thomas on it’s latest collaboration with new york-based designer tory burch. the result is a well-shaped tote with a cool stand-out graphic leopard print. i’m not convinced that this bag would work well on the street, but what i’m thinking is teaming it with a white kaftan, some retro aviators and a pair of brightly coloured glads to take you through the summer. a leopard print always screams cool on the beach, whether it’s party central ibiza or the more conservative ballymoney beach.

diane von furstenberg's creation. it holds ten ham sandwaiches, ten cheese sandwiches, a large bag of tayto, a bag of apples and tea for two

and next week, a matching pair of paul smith flip-flops


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