It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure*…. That, my friends, is the shoe!!!

Like the majority of girls I know, I am an absolute and complete shoe fiend… I am obsessed. My shoe rack is buckling under the pressure of the numerous heels that are most likely far too painful to ever wear, or were bought purely because I couldn’t possibly wear ‘that’ dress without ‘those’ shoes, but damn they do look good all lined up!! Even if not to be dawned on a night on the tiles, the simple 5-inch court heel, the studded gladiator or the nude cut-out boots (that I still haven’t worn), can put a smile on my face… Shoes can make my day, a beautiful shoe is like chocolate to me! Yum…When I see… I want… I convince myself I need… and I must have!!

I have never been a wedge kinda gal, I have zero interest in flats…as many of my friends know, I semi begrudge when they have to be worn, and I am most certainly not a kitten heel type of girl… (I don’t care if they are back in Vogue)… to me it’s all about the killer heel – the: I can’t walk, I am in agony, but dear lord look how fricking pretty my shoesies are! Shoes can instantly make or break an outfit. I may forget a dress, or a bag or a headband (please note ‘may’) … but 10 outta 10 times I will always recall when I spot a fabulous shoe… The powers of a good shoe are numerous – their ability to transform your legs, your outfit, your entire look, your shoe rack…..

In the shoe world, I am a classic kinda girl…I  looooove a pink-soled Betsey Johnson…Christian Louboutin is like a god to me…I go gaga for a Sergio Rossi and can’t help but lose time in the Manolo Blahnik shoe room in BT’s. But on my recent trip into town, I was stopped dead in my tracks….. Ladies and Gentleman, Nina Divito’s new line of shoes is in one word….spectacular.

I have always been a fan of the uber chic and talented Ms Divito’s paintings… They are exquisite, breathtaking even and what I love is her ability to make them girly, pretty with a classic femininity – yet sexy as hell…

And her shoe line doesn’t disappoint. Ok, if I am to be critical some could be described as a little old-school, a little wedding-ish for my personal taste, but the incredible detail on others will leave you wanting them… dreaming about them!!

Dublin-born Nina’s first collection is available exclusively at Brown Thomas and Kalu in Kildare…Pricey as hell, they match any Louboutin, Choo, or Rossi … ball parking at €500 – €700… but they are an investment peeps… A work of art… I know, I know…I hear the giggles, what planet am I living on.. .But a girls gotta dream right?! And you know what they say, visualise what you want and it will be yours… Well I have certainly done enough visualising about the Ruthie (see below)… with my champagne/ biscuit coloured body=con French Connection dress, my vintage UO shorts and coral tee, the nude Berardi lacey dress I plan to buy….. Mmmmm… well you get where this is going!

Anyway…here are a few of my favourites…In order of preference

Ruthie: Nappa leather and suede lace up with ruffle detail

Catho: Nappa leather slingback with python heel and detail

Grace: Nappa leather ankle bootie with python platform heel and detail

Nico: Silk slingback sandal with fan detail

Becca: Silk court with suede heel and ruffle detail

Check out to view the full spring summer 2010 shoe collection and her stunning range of paintings

*Quote courtesy of Coco Chanel