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Well it’s Monday afternoon and I’m sitting here in my pajamas still recovering from Saturday night- well actually recovering from the entire week; the entire stress-riddled, nail-biting, sleep deprived week. But the Debs was on, it was enjoyed and now its over and to be entirely honest, I’m quite relieved about that really. So as you know from a previous post, the day didn’t exactly go to plan. Well not the day exactly but everything. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

The dress didn’t arrive, the tan turned green, the curls had disappeared after an hour, the bus was only booked the night before and the eyelashes were a joke. But in the end it all came together – just like some messed-up, drunken, Irish, happily-ever-after. So although I only bought the dress two days before, (and the shoes and bag the night before), it was all good and the stress was well worth it. The competition was ‘Fierce’. The style stakes were high and there was an incredible array of very different dresses – Grecian to print, silky to jersey, and very little to very big.

My dress, as you can see, was short – an unusual choice considering only 3 people were wearing short dresses. My original dress was a long, dusty pinkish dress but due to ‘unforeseen circumstances, [the dress] won’t arrive until late next week’. (Damn you House of Fraser and you’re blatant lack of regard for The Most Important Night of a Post-Leaving Cert) After a five minute ‘bitch-fit’ and a 3 minute cry, I ran over to Kildare Village and bought the first dress I tried on (yes, really!) from Karen Millen. A surprise choice as a) I never shop there and b) the dress was short and c) the colour was mint green – a risky decision if ever there was.

Anyway, unfortunately I am having severe writers block due to a lack of sleep (ok i did get 15 hours in total but right now, it definitely doesn’t feel like that) so the time has come to finish up. I need more pizza, more diet coke and a Jersey Shore marathon. Just a small note to Rosemary from The Great Débutante Debacle piece: If only I had listened to you sooner.

Editors Note: Jennie felt it important to share with you the reality of the Debs


Oi Ronson! Stop being such a sap and put it away! Nobody needs to see you getting the locks done – WTF  – who cares like? I mean, a video – really? Like really-really?  And just for the record, you were alright with the chestnut mane; now you just look like a potato.

Video after the break. Contains some distressing scenes and bleaching imagery.

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god almighty, are there no limits to this woman's fashion prowess?

Kate makes up a third of the i-D magazine covers this month. The other two being Gaga and Naomi (bet they hadn’t counted on her being involved in a war crimes trial though eh?)

I’m loving her do, and I’d wager there’ll be quite a few sporting this style over the next few months.

I’m firmly in the yay camp. Anyone out there think nay?

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When I was 17 my hair looked like this, except it was blue instead of red.  You probably can’t pull off this look if a) you’re ten years older and b) you don’t look like Abbey Lee Kershaw.

What a pisser.

Right I’ll continue bleaching the shit out of it for a while more so.

Emma 'Pixie' Watson

I feel like an unnatural amount of people have been discussing this haircut since the weekend… But how and ever, I wanted to see what ye think of it.

The story goes that Emma has gotten the chop to be in with a chance to star in the English-language version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

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There is hat fever in the air. I can feel it in my bones. I can also see it in the D&G, Bimba&Lola, George Wu and Christian Dior A/W campaigns. Designer Noki (above) showed off his sustainable street collection at the Lovebox festival and hats were plentiful. Jennifer Ouellette sparked a headgear frenzy with her Gossip Girl-featured designs and that infamous turban in SATC2 looks like it’s here to stay for a while. Read the rest of this entry »

Doncha just love how the seemingly innocuous, anti-fashion, or just plain comical make it into high fashion? Take for example, the topknot. I am sporting one right now. Do you know why? I couldn’t be bothered washing my hair; the last thing on mind as I tripped around the apartment shrouded in a hazy sleep-fug. I also needed the ribbons of sea-weed like hair (my natural hair state) pulled back from face as I pedaled furiously into work. Read the rest of this entry »


i know it’s wrong. i know it’s cruel. some people might label it internet bullying. but i’m hungover and in need of some cheap thrills.  and anyway, a friend of a friend of a friend, (who was going to see a man about a dog) passed this information over to me. so don’t shoot the messenger like.

poorly dressed is a website dedicated to fashion FAILS and charts those “seriously questionable style moments” from epic fashion failures across the globe*. it is deeply disturbing stuff. here is a selection of my favourite few. enjoy.

*claims to be international, however the majority of the stuff looks suspiciously, but not surprisingly, american

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Matchy-Matchy Accessories

Let me get straight to the point, the fail is referring to my appalling lack of photos from Punchestown. I was hoping to penetrate the glitterati at the event and try and lure out some of the more left-field stylistas. Anyone who avoided the tried-and-tested matchy-matchy accessorising and ubiquitous frothy dress was worth a snap. And there was plenty of off-kilter fun to be had – jumpsuits and maxis and excellent trouser-suits and beautiful clutches and swoon-inducing jewels and fabulous, fabulous shoes. But I was too distracted with racing-rage to properly concentrate. The queuing and the waiting and the queuing and the ringing and the queuing and the leering…it was just too much.  I must point out that I arrived at the tail-end of ladies day, sober and full of rosy-tinted expectations of Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet (I’ve only been to the races twice). So I was thrown when we were greeted at the gates by 14 year old girls staggering around bare-foot and bedraggled and champagne-stewed men catcalling their wins way above the acceptable noise limits. I had my first drink at 9pm and could only seethe in rage until that point. So in a nutshell, no photographs from Punchestown. Read the rest of this entry »

my hair is the bane of my life most mornings. whatever way i sleep, i end up with a lions mane of hair matted to my face (or seaweed hair as jennie likes to call it…) it is often (spuriously) claimed (in magazines) that matted-bed-hair can resemble the wonderfully volumised, surfer-chic style; a style i envy…but it’s all LIES. my morning hair takes a nightmarishly long time to brush through and is more electrified than volumised. and i just don’t have the time or the interest to be up washing and styling my barnet every morning. many a day have i just given up and relied on the ‘aul faithful – the messy-bun-on-top-of-head style – not really a good look on anyone – as Kate Moss repeatedly demonstrates… so on mornings that i just can’t be arsed to wash my hair, (but not looking for the Croydon Facelift), i say hurrah for dry hair shampoo, bobby pins and some easy-to-do-plaits. a plait brightens up any dull hairstyle. whether it be one at the front ( hiding that greasy fringe you just didnt get a chance to wash ), a full plait up do, or a side plait, you’ll look like you put effort into your bouffant. see below for how-to and how-not-to…



less serena from the upper east side more jacintha from the flats


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