the first great joke

Had a little shoot last week in Herbert Park for the Independent.  The five sisters…and their five different styles… to be featured in the Weekend Magazine. It was hairspray and eyeliner a-go-go, with obvious last-minute calamities – forgotten dress, limp hair, random stains and the icing on the cake – no milk for the tea. But we put it all together in a chaotic blizzard of adrenaline and hairspray fumes. Truth be told, it was a very alien experience. It’s all pout and pose and lemme-into-that-picture when you’ve sunk a few glasses of vino, but in the stark, cold light of sobriety, it’s a different case altogether. I mean I always shout at the TV when I’m watching ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) – Smize! Smize godammit! Why are you walking like a constipated gazelle? Chin up, chin UP! But it’s actually quite difficult. Tyra Banks – and her quest to elevate the status of modelling to Nobel Laureate recognition – is a ridiculous caricature of self-help and self-absorption, but to be fair, she was spot on about having to work at it. The day involved lots of awkward, robotic smiling and stiff, unnatural posing. I think we got it eventually when we started telling our favourite jokes*. The photographer – Martin  – was a total champ and did his best to put us at ease. The experience was a great insight, but truly exhausting and required an almighty feast of cake to restore us.

the power shot

sometimes we’re totally inspired by nature and stuff.

amazingly difficult to get 5 people to look in the same direction at once

the apprentice shot. jennie also ready to take off with those batwings.

* Why did Mary fall off the swing? Because someone threw a fridge at her.
Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? Because it was dead.