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So, myself Grace and Lorna headed down to the ONLY jeans Airbourne event last Friday. It was the launch of the A/W collection and was held in Weston Airport. The ONLY team fly to numerous locations all over Europe and stage a show on each runway. Totally inspired event, not least with an all-you-can-eat Eddie Rockets buffet. We caught up with some of the glitterati to find out what they were looking forward to wearing over the coming months and what they were excited about in the collection. The sound is a little rough around the edges, but unfortunately the Hills filming crew were double-booked that day. Muchos thanks to Sarah for putting it all together. Check it out below!

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The ONLY jeans A/W launch was on Friday – we have more details on that to follow, but we took some piccies of our outfits. Just to confirm that we don’t actually sit around in tracksuit bottoms and over sized charity t-shirts with greasy hair and 3 day-old make-up all the time.  Gosh, that was an awfully detailed description… Read the rest of this entry »

Coco Rocha was invited by ElleUK to do a 25-page shoot for it’s 25th birthday.

I can honestly say it’s one of the most sexy, evocative, electrifying, want-inducing shoots I’ve seen in years.

It’s an hommage to the Jane Fonda movie “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” which is all about a dance marathon held during the American Depression. The idea was dance til you drop.

And man was the shoot convincing. I feel like taking a puff of my Ventolin just looking at these pics.

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Clare Kambamettu - 51st Rose

(I have never heard that Father Ted quote bandied about so much as I have over the last few days…)

Now let me preface this post by saying I have nothing against the Rose of Tralee (except the fact that at 26 you’d be too old to enter it). On Monday I was listening to Sinead Gleeson on The Last Word and she raised a very valid point. The Rose of Tralee is a representation of women that you don’t usually see on TV. And it’s true. The Hills, The City, Big Brother and yes even Sex and the City… they’re all less than flattering representations of the female form. It IS refreshing to see women on TV who aren’t trying to dumb themselves down so that people like them better. It’s bloody brilliant actually.

But Christ on a bike through charity work is the Rose of Tralee twee…

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I hate to admit it, and if I’m honest I am still in semi denial about the fact that summer is coming to an end but on the upside the dreaded sales are coming to an end (whoop) and Autumn Winter trends are taking over, with lots of new yummy trends to get my teeth into (extended whooooop) Every cloud has a silver lining eh!!! Working in a boutique, I’m like a kid in a candy store with new stock arriving every day!

Over the coming weeks I plan to do a focus on different key trends and micro trends that take my fancy, but after trawling through Harpers Bazzar, Vogue, Instyle,, Image and our very own Stellar I thought I’d give you ‘What Will I Wear Today?’ readers a quick rundown of what we’ll be wearing over the coming months…. Sure, we’ve got to deal with long dark evenings, what seem like even darker mornings, cold and yucky rain and the dreaded umbrellas blowing inside out dilemma… but hey nothing a new a delicious new pair of booties won’t help us overcome…. ahhhh yes shoes the answer to all my woes..

Anywho folks here’s a quick trend overview. I’ve picked my favourite ten…

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Delicate lace, sheer chiffon, uber feminine satin, frills, bows, floaty, billowing fabrics, baby pinks, pretty pastels, natural nudes…. all that’s missing is hundreds of daisies and big open meadows and we’ve got the intro to The Sound of Music or an ad for washing detergent….but no, what I am trying to create in your minds is the image of the ultra feminine romantic trend taking highstreet by storm. Yep the romantic trend is big news and girly, soft and oh so pretty is the order of the day. Read the rest of this entry »

Following on from Beyonce’s yesterday, here comes another video lookbook that appears to be filmed (as Kitty Cat described it) in a crack den. The full campaign stars flavours-of-the-year Zoe Kravitz and Abbey Lee Kershaw.

Behold the new Alexander Wang Autumn 2010 collection. And I’m not sure I love it. Which is unexpected. Actually you know what? It’s far too gothic for me. But there’ll be plenty who think it’s tha shiz.

(I am genuinely excited about crushed velvet coming back into fashion though!)

What do you guys think?

Pics from the catwalk show after the jump…

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wool and sequins havent been this cool since yer mam's 80s jumper

Oh Isabel Marant, you are KILLING me. Your fashion is so accessible, so utterly ridiculously divine – I nearly break out in a rash, I get a case of The Want so badly. Now when I say accessible, I don’t mean in monetary terms. We’re talking about starting at over a grand for most of her items in the collection. Still, I reckon this is a look that’ll get turned around on the high street fairly quickly. Hopefully by October, we can have ourselves a few Marant-inspired pieces.

More pics of the A/W 2010 collection after the cut. (But be warned, The Want is infectious…)

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When I stumbled across this picture I felt it was only fair that I share it with you all… it is one of the single most bizarre pics I have ever seen…The queen (bitch) of the fashion world Anna Wintour getting down with her bad self with none other than……………………. P Diddy!!! How random – Who knew she actually had a fun side?!

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Sorry to disappoint menfolk everywhere, but I am of the grey and holey underwear persuasion. Generally speaking, 90% of my undies have been turned varying shades of blue and pink in the wash, have no elastication left and are designed for sport and comfort rather than aesthetics. And then when I do buy nice lingerie, I can’t be arsed washing them properly.

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