wool and sequins havent been this cool since yer mam's 80s jumper

Oh Isabel Marant, you are KILLING me. Your fashion is so accessible, so utterly ridiculously divine – I nearly break out in a rash, I get a case of The Want so badly. Now when I say accessible, I don’t mean in monetary terms. We’re talking about starting at over a grand for most of her items in the collection. Still, I reckon this is a look that’ll get turned around on the high street fairly quickly. Hopefully by October, we can have ourselves a few Marant-inspired pieces.

More pics of the A/W 2010 collection after the cut. (But be warned, The Want is infectious…)

Last year, I was working in a ‘posh’ school in Barcelona. There were dozens of footballers’ offspring and even a Gucci going there. Needless to stay, that clientele made for a great daily fashion show when the mums came to pick up the kiddies. One of the footballer kids in my class had a mum whose clothes were amazeballs. She was the first person I ever saw sporting that iconic pair of Isabel Marant ankle boots.

the boots that launched a thousand copies

I used to have Ally McBeal moments where I played out a scene which saw me getting one of the other teaching assistants to hold her down while I robbed them off her feet.

Anyway I couldn’t believe I could fall so in love with a line of clothes, it made me want to drop the proverbial hand on them. I was being over-zealous as it turns out, because A/W 2010’s collection has sent me into overdrive.

Isabel, even a pauper blogger such as myself can tell that the waiting lists are gonna be twice as long this year….

But I’m gonna win the Euromillions anyway, so it’s grand. Here’s what I’ll be purchasing:

Silver Christmas party dress – check.

Honky fur coat – check.

Parisienne chic footwear – check.

Chunky knitwear – check.

Stars of the show? Those cropped leather trousers! They also come in red. Zips, knee detail, ankle grazing – eh can you say copy alert?