Sorry to disappoint menfolk everywhere, but I am of the grey and holey underwear persuasion. Generally speaking, 90% of my undies have been turned varying shades of blue and pink in the wash, have no elastication left and are designed for sport and comfort rather than aesthetics. And then when I do buy nice lingerie, I can’t be arsed washing them properly.

Within a matter of weeks, underwire pops out at inopportune moments, bows fall off, lace rips and the blushing shade of oyster turns to a raw, beetroot red (still haven’t mastered the basics of coloured separates). But, when I encountered the Triumph Inspiration Award for services to underwear, I felt mightily ashamed at my blatant abuse of undies. The Triumph award invites designers from across the globe to participate in a lingerie design competition, focusing on shape and innovation. There are considerable cash prize incentives, but the winning piece is created into a commercial product and sold throughout the Triumph network. Witness some of the truly inspirational creations below – sexy, whimsical, cerebral, sumptuous, sensuous and a bit bonkers. I feel obliged to put a bit more work into my brassiere collection.

Irish Winner

UK Winner

UK Runner Up

Winner Austria

China Final

Israel Winner

Singapore Winner

Bulgaria Winner