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So what do we think? Style Wars. Is this gonna be any cop? With Caprice in the pivotal position (that is the apex of the triangle, a power pose common in reality TV programming), I sense a scraping of the barrel in terms of budgets. TV3 does not have a great track record with high quality, dyanmic programming; relying instead on American imports and embarrassing recreations of British reality tv formats. Read the rest of this entry »


So at the weekend we had a mosey into the Xpose Live show in the RDS. We felt compelled to go as I live across the road (it would be rude not to) and we had been subjected to the most aggressive advertising campaign in Irish broadcasting history. If you happened to tune in to TV3 at any stage of the day or night, over the past 6 months, nestled in between a plethora of imported reality TV programming you may have noticed up to 8 adverts for Xpose Live! over the course of an hour.  Not one to shy away from such powerful marketing strategies, myself, Mother Dearest and Rachel checked it out.

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Howdy, Aideen here…

I heard about this during the week and I am exceedingly curious about it.

TV3 asks “are you obsessed with fashion? Do you know your high street from your haute couture? Have you always dreamed of working in the fashion industry?

Well TV3 is in search of Ireland’s next style star.”

But they’re really vague about what exactly this programme is going to be about or who they’re looking to take part in it. Apparently, STYLE WARS is offering Ireland’s most stylish the career-start of a lifetime with one of the biggest players in fashion.

With who? Doing what? Buying? Designing? Styling? WHAT?

I think their production department is going to have a nightmare sorting through the application forms looking for some Apprentice-alikes, when they themselves have been unclear about what kind of “contestant” they want.

But anyway, apart from all that I say TV3: a great bunch of lads. It’s a good idea. It’s not copying verbatim the concept of Project Catwalk or America’s next top model (Holy Sweet Jesus Divine, can you imagine the car crash tv that would be?). It’s a new-ish idea.Thankfully this will be a reality tv competition that has been dreamed up in an Irish context, for an Irish audience. It’s great they’re trying to do something different.

Now, it’s dicey. This could go tits up. It’s all in the casting and the execution and I’m really excited to see what happens with this. It could go a number of ways…

The contestants could be shocking, but shockingly good. I’m picturing Ms Bitchy-but-hot-yummy drummy and Mr Feckless-gay-man-who-looooves-fashion but both of them will wail OMG at frequent intervals. Expect rows and tears, but we’ll be glued to it.

On the other hand, we could end up watching contestants that are so fashion undereducated that we’re too embarrassed to watch. They wouldn’t last five minutes in the same situation in the UK or US. Olivia Palermo and Whitney Port they ain’t!

A third possibility is that It’ll totally fall flat and go the way many Irish-copying-international-format TV does… great idea, but falls asunder with bad contestant casting and poor production.

In technical terms, I guess we usually don’t see contestants who are of a high caliber, mostly because those who are worth their salt are already working in the industry. I can’t wait to see what these rough diamonds will be like. And can they be cut into honky carats of fashion genius?

The application form asks contestants to be free for filming from March through to July so I wouldn’t expect this on our screens for a while yet.

If any of you apply, be sure to let us know how ye get on!

Find out a bit more here


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