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So, what are all the gang lusting over this week?
Rebecca is digging this Marc by Marc Jacobs Cardi-Coat (Cardi-Coat – love it!).  It is smart enough for both work and social nights out and yet its snuggly enough to sleep in on the way home after a few too many pre-Christmas drinks (yes the C bomb has been dropped, Bex is already thinking about Christmas ensembles).

Cardi Coat. Eat, sleep, wear...

Lorna is lusting after these chunky, fleece-lined boots from Urban Outfitters. Given the torrential rain storms and drop in temperature, they are a must-have for the commute to college – nothing worse than sitting is a lecture with soggy socks. Well maybe sitting in a Research Methods lecture with soggy socks.

Romper Stomper

Aideen is shopping in New York but still has time to lust after every girl’s real best friend – the handbag. She is loving this convertible piece from Nyla Noor. It’s all about the versatility: you can alter the bag to suit your look. Throw it over you shoulder for work during the day and then VA VA VOOM – fold it over clutch stylee at night to funk it up.

Literally two for the price of one

Jennie is the mood for dancing and romancing and is lusting after the ultimate accessory to do so – fabulous feather shoes. From A-Wear – yes A-Wear are moving into the shoe market. These beauts are launching on October 4th and have just the right amount of decadence to perk you up through the Winter.

Possibly too beautiful to wear though?

Sarah is lusting over this season’s skirt – the maxi. Worn with chunky knit cardigans and some fantastically high shoes for the perfect Autumn look. Avoid flats though – Irish downpours + flat shoes = soggy wet feet, soggy wet skirt, soggy wet legs etc. Tick the leopard and maxi boxes with this piece from A-Wear.

Rawrrrr from Awear

Alexa Chung working the look

Let us know what you are lusting after on this Friday afternoon – are you fully entrenched in the winter coat battle (how do you choose just one?) or are you just looking for something whimsical? Answers on a postcard or just leave a wee comment and link below.


Ruby Rocks

Gosh, with all the excitement this week – Brian Cowen and his worldwide intervention, the Pope and his lackluster ticket sales, Colleen and Rooney crisis talks (and Colleen’s eyebrows – wtf?)  – there’s hasn’t been much time for hardcore lust research. Half the team are on holidays, Lorna is in the thick of Debs Drama, Sarah is recuperating after all the video stress (check it out here) and Rachel is still celebrating her JC results.  But fear not, Jennie is on the case, the case specifically being tasty, ethical treats from Fashion Conscience. Read the rest of this entry »

Who’s lusting what this week? Read the rest of this entry »

So what are we all lusting about this week? Well you gotta read below to find out doncha? Read the rest of this entry »

Friday Flash Lust: Leggings, Sailors and a little bit of decorum.

Read the rest of this entry »

Aideen wants and NEEDs this bag from Obakki! it’s casual, but you can dress it up. It looks like it hangs beautifully! LUUUUST! SexySack.

Read the rest of this entry »

I want these Stella McCartney Golf Shoes. Ridonculous, I know. But here me out.  I have never played golf. Well except for Pitch ‘n Putt at Pirates Cove in Courtown. And the one time I went to a driving range, but I think I spent more time giggling at the men’s socks.  So not a luminous golfing career to date. But, if I did perchance want to take up the sport professionally, or semi-competitively (I don’t do things by halves), I would need to look the part. And these are just so cute. And they’re white, so I can virtually accessorize/ colour block to my hearts content. Read the rest of this entry »

Good lord, we have ourselves a veritable Shorts Idol this week. All the McGinns are getting into the Oxegen feel of things, by the looks of it. These shorts are from Bitching and Junkfood and Jennie is lusting after them something rotten. I’m not surprised, they’re fab. I’ve got some hot pink wellies for Oxegen, these shorts would be fab to toughen up the sugar-sweetness of the boots. Well spotted Jennie, I shall join you in my lusting.

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I am struggling to coordinate the typing action with my fingers as a result of a ginormous* hangover. Just the one pint for me please. Ah go on, maybe one more. Well it’s my round anyway, so I may as well have a top up. Sure you’re only twisting me arm etcetcetc. The result is that I cannot be ARSED writing witty, endearing meanderings to accompany Friday Flash Lust. Read the rest of this entry »

So it’s been a fitful week. France are OUT. Greece are OUT. Italy are OUT. Sarah started a new job. Jennie had a full-blown barney in her place of work. Aideen is possibly still hungover from Sonar. Bex qualified as a solicitor. Items of lust potentially informed by this.
What’s on Your List?

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