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Well looks like Oxegen was the bloated, muck-infested, swamp party we have all come to know and prepare for. It seems that rainmacs and American-tourist ponchos were the order of the day if you had your wits about you. Rachel – our roving reporter of the weekend – noted it was basically all about the cover up for the first two days. Covers ups, wellies, waders, galoshes, rainhats, hiking jackets, fleeces and muck. Pretty difficult to work those trends into something stylish, particularly when you are covered in a heavy veneer of mud. Howanever, we got some suitable candidates below who managed to work their own kind of festival fever. Read the rest of this entry »


kate, stop pretending you aren't freezing.

It’s nearly midnight and I’m STILL trying to suss out what I’m gonna wear to Oxegen tomorrow. It’s raining OF COURSE so that puts a giant pleurisy-shaped hole in my wardrobe plans. But lads you know how it goes, you’ve been there same as me: you get a great outfit together and then just have to throw an aul hoody and rain-jacket over it cos you’re turning blue with the cold.

Well here at WWIWT we wanna see what you lads are doin outfit-wise. Have yis managed to join comfort and style together in holy matrimony for one weekend only? Send us your snaps to and we’ll be havin us a little fashion show next week here on the blog – your outfit could be immortalised forever (well in HTML code on the wordpress server, anyway.)

C’mon! Let’s be havin ye!

Let me get one thing straight before I start my little rant on maxi dresses – I am average ish height, about 5’8 or so – by no means a giant, but going by the length of maxi dresses on the high street I am!! The single most difficult thing to find (for me) was a floor sweeping maxi dress, what is particularly frustrating about this is, that in my mind, no maxi dress looks right if it’s any shorter than floor length, it should skim the ground, the shoes (wedges, gladiators, flip flops, cons whatever tickles your fancy) should not be visible or at the most a flash of an embellished sandal is acceptable! Just a word of warning for all you who may be planning on purchasing! Read the rest of this entry »

oh how i have missed you...

oh how i have missed you...

A week from now I will be standing in an over-crowded, smelly, disease-infested  field in the middle of nowhere. I will be ankle deep in mud,  isolated from hygiene-friendly toilets and clean, dry clothes. The only food to be consumed will be €15 hamburgers, which, strangely enough considering the price, taste pretty sick. Oh good god, the excitement is overwhelming!  This glorious event (as we all know) is known as Oxegen. Or as I like to call it OXEGENO 2K10 BABY!!!! ♥ (well not really I just thought it’d be fun to say) Read the rest of this entry »

So Kings of Concrete took place over the weekend and if you wanted a yardstick of how cool Ireland has the potential to be, this was it. Every sort of hip and happenin’ body flocked to the 2-day urban arts festival. I don’t remember the kids being this cool when I was young. There were piercings and undercuts as far as the eye could see and the prevalent mode of transport were cons and neon nike high-tops. Caps were a high velocity presence as were giant plastic shades and skateboards accessorized the look. To be fair, the atmosphere was friendly, enthusiastic and bouncing: none of the too-cool-for-school trendies, just a gang of dancers, boarders, graffers and dj’s spreading the love.

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what is no festival complete without? forget wellies, toilet roll and dutch gold. think wilfully obscure, whimsical, fanciful jewellery from tatty devine. the collection is twee, retro, naff and trendy. some of the pieces are so nostalgic – remember fancy-paper and sticker collecting? pierrot the clown stationary? hobby horses? plastic rings? Read the rest of this entry »

Howayiiiiz – Aideen here…

It doesn’t kick off here for a while but festival season is in fact rolling around. (Hands up if you know someone who’s going to Primavera Sound this month or Glasto in June?) If you’ve decided to give the Irish, overpriced mudbaths a miss then it’s time to start researching which fordeign exploit you’re gonna buy into.

And once you’ve sorted out the ticket and accommodation necessaries, then ladies, it’s all about the wardrobe is it not? Ahem apart from the music of course…

I’ve decided I’m heading to Sónar in Barca in June. No wellies necessary here, let me tell ya. For one thing, it’s held in a museum and an airport hangar.  Dancin’ shoes how are ya?!

But should you be braving the Punchestown and Stradbally madness you’ve PLENTY of time to gather summat together. The glossies and the weeklies are already teeing up their perfect Bat For Lashes or Florence Welch outfits for the season.

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