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This week’s round up of ABSOLUTE FAILS. For your pleasure… Read the rest of this entry »

Yigal Azrouel

Well unfortunately this year we missed out on our tickets to New York fashion week (some of you might recall our fluke encounter with a certain Ms Kelly Cutrone and our admittance into a certain Alexandre Herchcovitch show last year…where we brushed shoulders with our buds Kanye and Anna and the likes. If not check it out here!) but na bi buartha, I’ve kept a critical eye on the goings on across the pond and here’s my pick of the best trends and collections…

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More warm cuddly feelings of looking at shoite pictures of real people….. Read the rest of this entry »

Check out these little bad boys. Behind the shoot interviews of Nylon Magazine cover stars. Read the rest of this entry »

New weekly segment to rouse you outta those Monday Morning Blues. Feel better looking at shit pictures of real people. Yay for Ugos.  Grace is on hand to guide you through the process. Read the rest of this entry »

Hm. This is a style that I’ve always kind of flirted with…the neat gold chains I used to layer around my neck for two years hinted at it…the silver hoops I bought a few months ago that stretched to a large one and a half diameter were remarked upon by friends… Read the rest of this entry »

it shouldn’t work…the pink is loud and vulgar, the back straps suggest trailor trash, the padding doubles over as body armour and the front clip mocks all notions of irish prudism.

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nifty thrifty

job-hunting is hard. and tiring. and i am easily distracted from it.

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Apologies readers for my lack of blogging recently, am in the process of moving from England to Ireland and by god I didn’t realise the amount of stuff (I say stuff as it really is the most random selection of things) I have accumulated over the year, a lorra lorra packing to be done as Cilla Black would say. Anywho couldn’t leave this wonderful ad un-blogged about;

love love love paper dolls oh to be a young'un again

Our new advertisement for lecool magazine done by the talented grace. If you’re not aware of lecool magazine you can check it out here. Without trying to blow our own trumpet too much am loving the paper doll usage – who doesn’t love a bit of art and craft fashion? As for anti-fashion sure aren’t we all having a giggle with fashion, never too serious we say. So two thumbs up to grace and lecool magazine for the wonderful new ad!

any more than our three weeks of sunshine and we might end up like these guys

a short angry note on penneys

it was suppose to be a simple affair, an in-out job, a smooth operation. i had a plan of execution in my head…pull into penneys on the way back from the bank, grab a few pairs of gladiators and some runners and swing by the summer dresses on the way to the check-out. less ‘shopping trip’, more ‘grabbing the messages’.

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