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Greetings people. As you know, we did a little video experiment at the Irish Bloggers Bash on Saturday night last. We asked all the peeps about their Worst Fashion Moment Ever. Obviously, this question took on a life of it’s own, as us Irish are too ready to ‘fess up to our failings and  humiliations (along the lines of screeching out Pennys ! when asked about a particular item of clothing). Cue much hilarity. But much hilarity means much laughter…much laughter means much noise…and much noise+amateur camera+slightly inebriated filming = Short but Sweet film. We’re still learning, so be patient with us!

Thanks to the hard-working Sarah for putting it all together.

You can see here:

Bloggers Bash at McGrattans from sarah mc ginn on Vimeo.

(Can’t figure out how to embed vimeo yet…)

Or just the link:


So on Saturday last, some of Ireland’s fashion bloggers got together for a bit of a bop, a bit of cake and some much-deserved back-slapping (If we don’t slap our backs , who will? For the love of god, WHO WILL?)  It was genuinely a really nice opportunity to put faces to names and names to faces and have a bit of a chinwag about the whole blogging experience. It can be a lonely game, not least because the industry hinges on a labour of love and clocking in a lot of hours outside of work/college/life commitments. Anytheways, we came, we chatted, we drank, chatted some more (where did you get that necklace? and what about those shoes?) and left amid a general feeling of goodwill. WWIWT asked everybody about their favourite item they were wearing: results below, and we also did a little video piece about your worst fashion faux pas: coming soon.

Sarah Loves: Her London Fashion Week Pass (too bloody right)

Una Loves: Her Vintage Bag

Jo Loves: Her New Tattoo

Louise Loves: Her Fur Stole (snapsies)

Lady Peach Loves: Her Studded Belt

Karen Loves: Her Feather Necklace (dodgy pic - wine kicked in at that stage)

Alex Loves: Her Acne Leggings ( I love them more...)

Aisling Loves: Her NEW Shoes

Alices Loves: Her Slinky Dress (and a glass of vino)

Catherine Loves: Her (very impressive) Fringe

Rhona Loves: Her Bow Dress

Whisty Loves: Her Vintage Fur Coat

Sarah WWIWT Loves: Her Pink Headband

Jen WWIWT Loves: Her Blue Nails

We also ALL loved the cupcakes Jo Linehan made, which were practically inhaled. Models don’t eat, bloggers do. I also LOVED the deep purple lipstick I managed to pinch off Una for a quick go and was pretty happy with the results, spesh as I was worried I would look like the Mother Undead herself, as you can see in my previos post. I think it really accessorised with my drunken eyes. Anyway, it was a great night and long may many more continue (I’m suggesting a monthly event – and maybe even a touring one, but hey – I like to drink…) Links to everyone on the pictures, so have a mosey through all the gals work.

This week’s round up of ABSOLUTE FAILS. For your pleasure… Read the rest of this entry »

I got meself a parka. A staple must if you will. I went for pretty-grungy and festival-grungy. Even though I didn’t make it to a festival this year. The SHAME. Read the rest of this entry »

More warm cuddly feelings of looking at shoite pictures of real people….. Read the rest of this entry »

‘What on earth could this post be about?’, I bet your asking yourselves. We have finally bitten the bullet, taken the bull by the horns, pulled our collective socks up and looked staunchly in the face of adversity: it is time to start making a public appearance in the blog. What will this entail? Giggling, mincing and twirling our way through photoshoots? No. Not quite. Unfortunately, due to our collective inability to pose unless under the influence of alcohol, we have to approach this from more of a mischievous angle. So…to the task at hand… Read the rest of this entry »

WWIWT are delighted to be featured in this months Irish Tatler Magazine (on page 62 if you want to have a gander and see it live in print).

Our total world domination plan is coming along nicely….insert manical Dr Evil style laugh Moo ha ha ha ha ha ha

*WWIWT has become an international success!! Readers from all over the world have sent us in their photos of ads they have seen of the blog – as the photos prove!! From Japan to the Big Apple,  WWIWT mania has literally exploded – forget Jedward being our countries “proudest” celebrity icons, betcha they dont have a billboard in Times Square…It was only a matter of time really…

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“Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross
To see a fine lady upon a white horse
With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
She shall have music wherever she goes”

Read the rest of this entry »

It’s a great day for, not only is the weather bleedin’ glorious, and I now have a reason to wear my maxi dress ( a total bargain from pennies ) but also we have travelled to the realm of RADIO. Yes that’s right, our blog now has a voice. Well a spoken voice on radio… you get what I mean – you can now listen to our whimsical wafflings on the RADIO, great stuff altogether! Whatwill and Flirt Fm have become bezzie mates to bring you a weekly fashion feature which you can check out here. Read the rest of this entry »


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