It’s a great day for, not only is the weather bleedin’ glorious, and I now have a reason to wear my maxi dress ( a total bargain from pennies ) but also we have travelled to the realm of RADIO. Yes that’s right, our blog now has a voice. Well a spoken voice on radio… you get what I mean – you can now listen to our whimsical wafflings on the RADIO, great stuff altogether! Whatwill and Flirt Fm have become bezzie mates to bring you a weekly fashion feature which you can check out here.

Since it’s all summery and nice, this week’s fashion feature is going to be about packing for your summer holidays, oh the joys – unless your travelling with Ryanair who’s baggage limits are not fashion friendly. Our hints and tips will hopefully help you with your packing and get around Ryanairs Nazi Baggage Controllers.

First up must-have are these super sexy sunglasses from Giant Vintage.

Ryanair hint: wear on face to avoid packing in bag......and avoiding the paps obviously

Next up,  the all important teeny bikinis of which River Island have an awesome selection:

Ryanair hint: actually only bring a few bikinis and mix and match the tops/ bottoms. I'll be wearing my leopard print bottoms with my red halter neck + vice versa, hey presto new bikini....kinda

Blinging bangles, necklaces, rings galore…these little gems can completely transform an outfit, thus minimizing the items of clothing to pack.

Ryanair hint: wear all jewellery, and i mean ALL jewellery when boarding the plane - release your inner pikey

And the all important maxi dress – a delicious day to night and night to day and everything in between wardrobe staple for 2010.  So many possibilities, so little time, but definite holiday essential.

Ryanair hint: eh roll up and wear as a turban to make more room in your bag........WWIWT does not actually think this is advisable