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This is my good friend Bez, who has been dying to get featured on this blog. He knew I was going for dinner last night and dressed up specially for the occasion. Some people eh? So fame-hungry. I jest, I jest. I harangued him into letting me take some pictures. For proof of evidence that some men really do know how to work the waist-coat. Often associated with boy-bands and try-hard presenters, here is an example of:

a) the casual suit (matching slacks and cons)
b) clashing prints (pinstripe and check? well done bezzy boy)
c) heritage – previously considered one of the trends for women, here we see how the male can appropriate the fabrics for a take on A/W heritage

Bez thought he looked like Kim Jong-il in the first picture, so we had to do a round II, replete with my sunnies. Which I left at dinner. And now I am squinting in the sun. Thank you Bez.


Ok, maybe I’m a little late hopping on this bandwagon, but I’m about to embrace the Black Lip. The Lip of Death they called in back in ’09 when Luella, YSL and Giles paraded it down the runway in ’09. But dang, it was scary. I wasn’t ready for it back then. I mean, I’ve only started wearing lipstick in the past 3 months. I flirted with a bit of red, then came the neon pink and now it’s time for the true bastion of outré make-up* – black lips. To tell the truth, me and lipstick haven’t really seen eye to eye. I never learned how to ensure longevity with the red, my neon pink Mac lippie went walkabouts after two wears(you can see my piece about neon lips here) and I’ve no idea how I’m going to tackle this black beast.

*For me anyway, the Lipstick Virgin that I am. Read the rest of this entry »

Womens Wear Daily found themselves on the streets of Toykyo recently and discovered a whole slew of young ladies who eschew the Harajuku style. The ubiquitous Harajuku way of dressing embraces manga, anime, surreal fantasy and hyperactive colour palettes. The city is synonymous with Power Puff and Hello Kitty street style, and girls dressed up as boys dressed up as girls dressed up as superhero characters. Read the rest of this entry »

Hm. This is a style that I’ve always kind of flirted with…the neat gold chains I used to layer around my neck for two years hinted at it…the silver hoops I bought a few months ago that stretched to a large one and a half diameter were remarked upon by friends… Read the rest of this entry »

Me in the Middle

So the trip to Copenhagen for the ONLY Jeans Blogging Party/ Competition begins in earnest tomorrow. And so begins my Black Ops Undercover Invasion of the World of European Fashion Bloggers. For those of you uninitiated, What Will I Wear Today won a Best Irish Blogger competition with Danish ONLY Jeans. Prize includes a 2-night trip to Copenhagen to partake in shopping, blogging and photo-shooting. As WWIWT holds it’s tongue very much in it’s sartorial cheek, winning was a bit of a mystery. To avoid being caught downtown in Fraudtown, I’ve been concocting ways and means of employing Fashion Subterfuge. Checklist to date: Read the rest of this entry »

Well looks like Oxegen was the bloated, muck-infested, swamp party we have all come to know and prepare for. It seems that rainmacs and American-tourist ponchos were the order of the day if you had your wits about you. Rachel – our roving reporter of the weekend – noted it was basically all about the cover up for the first two days. Covers ups, wellies, waders, galoshes, rainhats, hiking jackets, fleeces and muck. Pretty difficult to work those trends into something stylish, particularly when you are covered in a heavy veneer of mud. Howanever, we got some suitable candidates below who managed to work their own kind of festival fever. Read the rest of this entry »


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