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Check out ONLY using some of us bloggers as models. That’s right MO-delsSwit swoo. Notice how the only acceptable pic of me is when I’m looking at the ground, turned away from the camera, with the jacket actually hiding my body. Now that is how you model when you ain’t one. You gotta hide. See more here.


So, some of the finished prints have arrived from the ONLY Jeans fashion blogger event. For those playing catch up, details of the ONLY comp are here, here and here. We have ourselves three main shots…

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So Day 3…The Shoot. The Shoot is entirely deserving of Capital Letters as it was Totally Unnerving. Hands up who has sat watching America’s Next Top Model and cackled and screamed and gesticulated wildly at the TV? I certainly have. Well people, let me tell you, that modeling lark is really, really hard. It requires balls of steel, an army of stylists/ hairdressers/ make up artists/ photographers, a lot of deodorant and a s*%tload of Photoshop. Read the rest of this entry »

Midday of Day 2 approaches and with the informal meet ‘n greet over (Ooh, I love your shoes. No, I love your shoes. Where did you get that ring? etcetc) , we get down to politics. The ONLY team have arranged lunch for us whereupon we have a presentation by an ONLY jeans denim expert, a dissection of the brand, a behind-the-scenes of the upcoming lookbook and video and a blog session with Denmark’s most successful blogger. Read the rest of this entry »

Ok people, have your sick bags at the ready. You have been warned. The Only Jeans Fashion Blogger Event was a serious fashion extravaganza in the most surreal sense of the word.  Debriefing will happen in three stages – the only way to relay some of the magic of the trip. First we’ll go from airport to hotel to a whirlwind tour of the streets of Copenhagen. The second post will be about the ‘science part’ – the presentations, the blogging salon and the Only Jeans brand.  And the final part – the piece de resistance – will be the fashion shoot on the final day. Hold onto your knickers people. Read the rest of this entry »

Me in the Middle

So the trip to Copenhagen for the ONLY Jeans Blogging Party/ Competition begins in earnest tomorrow. And so begins my Black Ops Undercover Invasion of the World of European Fashion Bloggers. For those of you uninitiated, What Will I Wear Today won a Best Irish Blogger competition with Danish ONLY Jeans. Prize includes a 2-night trip to Copenhagen to partake in shopping, blogging and photo-shooting. As WWIWT holds it’s tongue very much in it’s sartorial cheek, winning was a bit of a mystery. To avoid being caught downtown in Fraudtown, I’ve been concocting ways and means of employing Fashion Subterfuge. Checklist to date: Read the rest of this entry »

Shannon Doherty eh? Remember her? You might ask what the above picture is for? And might well you ask. As it has no relation whatsoever to the actual competition. Read the rest of this entry »


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