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Jade nails, check. Coral lips, check. Betty Draper style alcohol abuse, check.

Actually it was only the other day I was marveling at the Mad Men influence on fashion. Now we have some Mad Men-ification of pop culture too and I am loving it. Check B.B Homemaker puffing away on those ciggies, having a nervous breakdown in her underwear and looking after her home in her most on-trend marigolds. All while her no-good, unappreciative Don Draper-esque husband is off diddling Rihanna. I mean, client! I meant rich client. That’s what I meant.

Beyonce I am digging your channelling of Betty Draper and LOVING your house’s decor. In the words of a one Britney Spears… Gimme, gimme more, gimme more, gimme gimme more…



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