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god almighty, are there no limits to this woman's fashion prowess?

Kate makes up a third of the i-D magazine covers this month. The other two being Gaga and Naomi (bet they hadn’t counted on her being involved in a war crimes trial though eh?)

I’m loving her do, and I’d wager there’ll be quite a few sporting this style over the next few months.

I’m firmly in the yay camp. Anyone out there think nay?

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Oooooooooh, Current Affairs meets Fashion – Fantastic…

So, I have a job that requires me to read the less fun papers – (Irish Times, Irish Independent, Financial Times, Sunday Business Post etc). Craic central. However, I often enjoy some of the lifestyle articles and general debate that these papers contain. While as much as I adore Grazia, it doesn’t quite pack the same punch intellectually as the Irish Times opinion section. Read the rest of this entry »




dog = ultimate fashion accessory


Rachel Bilson is the epitome if laid-back LA cool. I love love love her relaxed, casual day-wear; always managing to look neatly put together with a care-free attitude. If I’m honest, the thing I love most about Rachel is her long flowing locks – oh to have such a beautiful mane on my bonnet. Thick and luxurious and healthy…… Read the rest of this entry »

Aideen anseo…

Good God Almighy, when it comes to how fantastic Mad Men is, where do I even begin? It’s not just the fantastic story lines, the well developed characters, the faithfulness to the period – it’s the fact that the fashion is a veritable feast for the eyes. I defy you not to salivate over Betty’s dresses or marvel at Joan’s voluptuous figure poured into her office attire. And Peggy? Ah well I suspect her time will come. The gay fella in the art department started her on the right track. By series five, she’ll be in a mini skirt, I betcha!

I wasn’t watching the show for long before I HAD to buy a bright red lippie. And then an even deeper red lippie. In fact, I probably won’t be stopping until I’ve made my way through the full spectrum (FYI – Revlon was available at every drug-store in 60s New York. Apparently the original Revlon Red, which women would have worn up and down Madison Avenue, is still available.)

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Please Rihanna, you aint cooler than the original you

Aideen here…

Naomi’s post got me thinking.

I mentioned that I think the reason it’s so hard to decide on what makes a 21st century style icon, is because of the Internet. Ooooh groundbreaking thought eh? Still though…

It’s made us so fickle, made cultural shifts happen so quickly and facilitated so many subcultures and styles to exist at the one time. Achieving consensus is very difficult in a way that it wasn’t in the 20th century.

OR it may not be t’internet at all. It could also be because of a phenomenon you’ll hear my parents constantly harp on about – “Nothing’s new, ye’re just copying what happened in our day.”

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oh anna friel, my heart skips a beat whenever i see you with your perfectly painted red lips and your doll-like features. i swoon when i see you morph from 40’s pin up to i’m-with-the-band grunge, from sexy, red-light  femme fatale to fashion muse extraordinaire.  she is so extraordinarily beautiful in the most ordinary way. she swings all ways fashion-wise, with a prediliction to matching her style with her latest role (character acting much?) and does subtle sexy in a very powerful way. the woman can work a pair of dungarees and elevates the fresh-faced gym look to another level entirely. if she isn’t too busy, i’m going to ask her to play me in my biopic.


the subtler jessica rabbit?

working the wedding dress

cheryl cole sexypuss

and all the boys said 'oui'!

she just ran a marathon

giving kate a run for her money

high fashion edge in zoo magazine

edgy class

i don't approve per say, but fair play

swingin' it

she does a mean red lip

just sexy

wearing tan (mans) slacks i commandeered at a festival during the nighttime chill, an i love new york t-shirt, black peter o’brien for a/wear blazer i scored on sale for €20 a few years ago, black ankle boots from sacha london and a fur stole i wrangled out of a sisters jacket. (sorry grace) you can see emma watson stealing my look below.


me and emma know whats hot

aside from that, i just caught sight of the tatty devine website and i’m in serious danger of dropping a load on frivolous, unnecessary, whimsical, absurdist jewels. not so much jewels as plastic tat and metal, but i heart it so. i make no secret of my obsession with the tash (all stemming from the one and only ‘pat the tash’. injoke) and so i honed in on this little gem. i’m also partial to the zipper broach. all the jewellery is just so random – like taking literal inspiration to another level entirely…’oh, look at that discarded chicken kebab wrapper with garlic sauce oozing out the side, i think i’ll make a broach out of that’.


if you can't grow 'em, wear 'em


take THAT broken zippers

and on a completely irrelevant sidenote, check out their collection of mags and zines – i’m particularly drawn to the TWEE zine – based around the club night in london (why don’t we have club nights like that in dublin?) and some of the rachel ortas greetings cards.


possibly the best word in the world

i like getting cardsso cute, why don’t more people send cards?

olivia palermo was a nonentity for me up until a quick catch up with new season the city. she was just some spoilt brat richkid and wannabe actress/designer/stylist/gal about town from the first season. she spiced things up initially with her out-and-out bitchiness, (anyone remember her telling whitney not to bring her personal problems to work? not professional apparently) but other than that she just simpered and whimpered in the corner of the TV somewhere. well saddle me up and call me daisy, she is on fire* this season. she has the layered look down to a fine art, seriously knows how to work a pair of shorts and she ‘ain’t accessories editor at elle girl for ‘nuthin. well actually,  i’m sure she was for a huge price negotiated by her agent and the marketing people at MTV and elle girl.  but that is besides the point, she knows bling, she knows discreet, she knows complementary, she knows statement, she knows fun, she knows irony – the whole spectrum of jewelery wearing, she knows it*.  although the hair is beautiful, it is a little too sleek and glossy and loreal for me (read: extensions) but she does always look perfectly coiffed and i respect that. and her shoes –  one step ahead of the gang at all times…

NOT fierce, but on fire

*on fire = jennie expression; not to be confused with ‘fierce’ – tyra banks meaningless answer/question to everything in life.

* im sure some of you were unaware of the various factors behind jewelery display but they are many and varied. there is an art, a psychology and a lightness of touch to it.


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