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This is my good friend Bez, who has been dying to get featured on this blog. He knew I was going for dinner last night and dressed up specially for the occasion. Some people eh? So fame-hungry. I jest, I jest. I harangued him into letting me take some pictures. For proof of evidence that some men really do know how to work the waist-coat. Often associated with boy-bands and try-hard presenters, here is an example of:

a) the casual suit (matching slacks and cons)
b) clashing prints (pinstripe and check? well done bezzy boy)
c) heritage – previously considered one of the trends for women, here we see how the male can appropriate the fabrics for a take on A/W heritage

Bez thought he looked like Kim Jong-il in the first picture, so we had to do a round II, replete with my sunnies. Which I left at dinner. And now I am squinting in the sun. Thank you Bez.


So, myself Grace and Lorna headed down to the ONLY jeans Airbourne event last Friday. It was the launch of the A/W collection and was held in Weston Airport. The ONLY team fly to numerous locations all over Europe and stage a show on each runway. Totally inspired event, not least with an all-you-can-eat Eddie Rockets buffet. We caught up with some of the glitterati to find out what they were looking forward to wearing over the coming months and what they were excited about in the collection. The sound is a little rough around the edges, but unfortunately the Hills filming crew were double-booked that day. Muchos thanks to Sarah for putting it all together. Check it out below!

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Yigal Azrouel

Well unfortunately this year we missed out on our tickets to New York fashion week (some of you might recall our fluke encounter with a certain Ms Kelly Cutrone and our admittance into a certain Alexandre Herchcovitch show last year…where we brushed shoulders with our buds Kanye and Anna and the likes. If not check it out here!) but na bi buartha, I’ve kept a critical eye on the goings on across the pond and here’s my pick of the best trends and collections…

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Hold onto your braces people, This is England ’86 is definitely the real A/W trend we’ve been waiting for. You can shove your camel, eat your shearling cap and say goodbye to 1950s feminine restraint. Lol, Kelly and Smell are this seasons superheros. Read the rest of this entry »

Ok, maybe I’m a little late hopping on this bandwagon, but I’m about to embrace the Black Lip. The Lip of Death they called in back in ’09 when Luella, YSL and Giles paraded it down the runway in ’09. But dang, it was scary. I wasn’t ready for it back then. I mean, I’ve only started wearing lipstick in the past 3 months. I flirted with a bit of red, then came the neon pink and now it’s time for the true bastion of outré make-up* – black lips. To tell the truth, me and lipstick haven’t really seen eye to eye. I never learned how to ensure longevity with the red, my neon pink Mac lippie went walkabouts after two wears(you can see my piece about neon lips here) and I’ve no idea how I’m going to tackle this black beast.

*For me anyway, the Lipstick Virgin that I am. Read the rest of this entry »

Womens Wear Daily found themselves on the streets of Toykyo recently and discovered a whole slew of young ladies who eschew the Harajuku style. The ubiquitous Harajuku way of dressing embraces manga, anime, surreal fantasy and hyperactive colour palettes. The city is synonymous with Power Puff and Hello Kitty street style, and girls dressed up as boys dressed up as girls dressed up as superhero characters. Read the rest of this entry »

So as all the poor scholars head back to school, pencil cases and shiny new shoes in tow, I’d like to bring your attention to one huge PLUS to being back in the land of education. Rucksacks! Backpacks! Knapsacks! Majorly trending, majorly hawt and guess what – supremely practical. I am so sick of lugging around a ginormous handbag, walking at a horizontal angle, banging into old ladies and streetlamps, and catapulting off my bike as my bag dangles over the handlebars (long story involving the hospital and liver damage). How I have wished it was fashionably acceptable to use the sturdy, robust backpack. And now it is.  Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton, Donna Karan, Ann Demeulemeester all declare it so.

Whoop Whoop for Mr Wang and Edgy Backpackery

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Animal print, sequins, layers, colourful ankle socks and matching nail varnish. Who’s that? Me I hear you say? Why no, not I, but Anna Mc Ginn – the youngest of the Mc Ginn family. Seven years old and a Sartorial Beast in the making. Read the rest of this entry »

I know it’s wrong, I know it’s childish and petulant, I know it’s futile…but I must share with you some deliciously wicked ‘hipster’ piss-taking. I have a conflicted attitude to trend-heads*. At once I admire their commitment to outlandish aesthetic and resolute self-belief, but equally I detest their commitment to outlandish aesthetic and resolute self-belief. But I’ve ranted before about this and no doubt I’ll rant again about it, so for the moment take a look at these –
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I hate to admit it, and if I’m honest I am still in semi denial about the fact that summer is coming to an end but on the upside the dreaded sales are coming to an end (whoop) and Autumn Winter trends are taking over, with lots of new yummy trends to get my teeth into (extended whooooop) Every cloud has a silver lining eh!!! Working in a boutique, I’m like a kid in a candy store with new stock arriving every day!

Over the coming weeks I plan to do a focus on different key trends and micro trends that take my fancy, but after trawling through Harpers Bazzar, Vogue, Instyle,, Image and our very own Stellar I thought I’d give you ‘What Will I Wear Today?’ readers a quick rundown of what we’ll be wearing over the coming months…. Sure, we’ve got to deal with long dark evenings, what seem like even darker mornings, cold and yucky rain and the dreaded umbrellas blowing inside out dilemma… but hey nothing a new a delicious new pair of booties won’t help us overcome…. ahhhh yes shoes the answer to all my woes..

Anywho folks here’s a quick trend overview. I’ve picked my favourite ten…

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