We are a group of sisters and some friends who like fashion. We don’t work in fashion, we don’t model and we don’t spend exorbitant amounts of money on clothes. We just like fashion. We like putting outfits together, saving for that extra-special piece and looking unique. We like commenting on styles, trends, TV shows, magazines, street style, celeb style, Penneys and whatever else ails us. We like the intersection between art and fashion, fashion and music and all the bits in between. What we have here is a conversational style blog, where we comment on random things and comment to each other. We hope to intersperse all the conversations with pictures of our outfits and our clothes in a manner that answers the question ‘what will i wear today’, equipment and image quality withstanding. Ultimately this is a collection of fashion ramblings from a ‘normal’ persons perspective.

Jennie – 26 works in computers and fitness, loves fashion

The quintessential Renaissance woman: educated in everything, qualified in nothing. Has had a whirlwind romance working in film, music, journalism, research, libraries, computers and fashion. Wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. Loves fashion-trash, (bumbags) fashion-tack (knuckledusters) and fashion-tat (gold lurex); mainly because it’s all she can afford. Currently training to be a personal fitness trainer so much venting about sports-related fashion throughout the blog.

Fly by Night

Sarah – 24 works/studies in radio and media, loves fashion

I’m Sarah, or second in command as I’m known in the Mc Ginn household – so not true as although I’m 24 now (sob) I like to believe I’m 21 over and over again…kinda like Groundhog Day but without the dodgy perms. Currently living and studying in Wolverhampton ( fondly known as Rougherhampton ) I want to work in radio when I grow up…. I love new clothes and putting together a great outfit but unfortunately I’m terrible with money so my sisters probably think of me as the clothes-stealing-pikey-sister because I can never afford my own! But you know, I’m surprisingly ok with that…..


Grace – 19, studies architecture, loves fashion

So, I’m Grace, halfway through a degree in architecture (wondering how that happened ha) and just generally living life as a typical student. That in the fashion world of course means a good pair of jeans and a selection of trainers for the everyday look…though I prefer to call it sporty luxe! My general style has matured into a more relaxed clean feeling in the past few years, designers I’d like to shop include balenciaga, alexander wang, philip lim…instead I settle for zara, mango, tk maxx! On the blog side of things, I love writing about new fashion and new fashion mash ups, however, my main involvement are the graphics and design of whatwilliweartoday, which I hope provide a few smiles for our readers. And finally on other random unrelated topics, I’m always looking forward to my next trip away, I like heading to clonakilty for a bit of a shurf when I can and I always try to be one of the last men standing on a night out!

havin da crack in pariii!

Lorna – 18, works in Leaving Cert, loves fashion

My name is Lorna and I’m a shopaholic. OK that’s a lie. But I would be if I had the money! Well at the moment there is not a lot to say about myself. I’m studying for the Leaving Cert so life is very boring. When I do get the chance though I love to read, buy, write, wear, anticipate and covet all sorts of fashion.  Like Sarah I love new clothes.  No scratch that, I love new things – clothes, shoes, jewelery, accessories of any kind, glossy magazines, chocolate, shiny things etc… when I grow up I would like to be…. emm well that’s a tricky one. Suggestions would be much appreciated though. I know I would love to do something in fashion but I’m just not sure yet. Watch this space!

hip-hoppin and b-boppin to the max

Rachel – 15, works in Junior Cert, loves fashion

Rachel, also referred to as the baby of the family (although I have no idea why because I am nine years older then the actual baby) Being part of a large family of girls I personally think we sound like the VonTrap family. Anyway when I’m older I want to…..well, mainly just move away from the middle of nowhere! I would like to pursue a career in fashion, hopefully fashion editor or something along the lines of that…

sunny side up

Vital to the mix are Head Contributor Aideen and Sometime Contributor Aoife and Rebecca

Aideen – 27 – works in radio –  common peasant that really digs fashion.

Suffers from wanderlust and has a serious thing for London and Paris. Spent a year in Barcelona and decided that Catalan chicas may have better figures, but they ain’t as stylish as the Irish ladies. Frequently disappears into reveries where she has a walk-in wardrobe and enough money to fill it. Could possibly be accused of being a make-up junky. Has conformed to her gender stereotype by having a thing for shoes. Has been known to shake a tail-feather on occasion.

Can be seen here channelling Flashdance after the sprinklers went off in the Parc Ciutadella.

Aoife – 25 – Masters student – first runner-up in the 2009 Leinster Regional Gurning Championships.

Doesn’t know much about fashion but that doesn’t stop her talking about it. Digs bikes, surfing and Pennys. A charity shop aficionado. While not a lover of shoes per say, does have a massive grá for boots of all shapes, sizes and colours. Dreams of the day she can afford to buy from net-a-porter without any accompanying guilt. Would like to be a celebrity chef or Mary Robinson when she grows up.

gurn for the camera now

Bex is a solicitor who loves fashion.

Her day to day uniform is black, grey and a bit more black. She likes to funk it up at the weekend with lots of colour. Loves fashion but hates the pretension. Dislikes IT bags and adores gladiator sandals. Favourite fashion come back of all time is the humble leggings and wears them way too much. Loves vintage clothes and wishes we had more vintage stores in Ireland that were actually affordable. Can be seen routing through the handbag section in charity shops in her spare time. Spends WAY too much time online shopping with the outnet, my wardrobe and net a porter. On average only buys three things on them a year. Number of hours spent looking – unquantifiable.

Pet Peeve – Sales shopping. Why is it necessary to mix everything up and throw it on racks in the middle of the shop floor?!

hnar hnar hnar