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god bless each and every one of you

next week i travel to chicago to live the american dream for three months. the american dream, no doubt, where i arrive with my paddy friends, spend half the summer in an irish bar trying to impress some local chicagoian with my vast knowledge of the irish language (‘conas ata tu?’, ‘ta tu ana te’, ‘caca mileas’), check out the local gaa club, and then leave knowing yet more paddies than before. and lets not kid ourselves here, we’re all the same when we’re abroad…traipsing around any one of the european cities that ryanair fly to, with an¬†indistinguishable¬†map in our hands, looking for that tiny shamrock icon for a bit of home-grown craic (and boi is it always worth it…ending the night arm in arm with your fellow irish comrades to the tune of Sin ne Fiann na Fail)…

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