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Oops! … I did it again.
I played with my (bank) cards.
Got lost in the shop. (River Island)
Oh, panic, panic. (mounting debts)

Y’see, I get confused when I get paid. I never did business in school, I really only understood the mechanics of an Overdraft a few years ago (charges eh?) and when I see money in my bank account, I presume it’s for me. To spend. On whatever I like.

I mosey into River Island this afternoon, perhaps with the vague intention of buying a pair of slacks, but I literally pick up about 46 items, ranging from alpine jumpers to cocktail dresses to handbags to patterned Henry Holland for Pretty Polly tights (swish). My self-edit mode is distinguishing between what looks good on me and what doesn’t; nothing to do with what I can and can’t afford. I just don’t forecast my budget like that. (WHAT BUDGET?)  It’s so limiting on my creative aura y’know?

So I got me some slacks – nipped in at the ankle, tuxedo style, pretty slick. It has a detachable bow, which I like, as I’m not sure the bow is for me. Trousers kindly modelled by my office chair, who is quite happy with a change of scenery to be honest. I then HAD to have this skirt because a) it was 14e and b) its kinda hideous and c) it was 14e. I love cheap and hideous. Logic see?

Finally I purchased this beaut. Some may say it looks like a well-groomed, but nonethless, dead sheepdog and I’m inclined to agree, but I thought: hey – what the hell? It’s not like I can’t afford to look like a dead sheepdog right?


This question displeases me. My FINSK wedges finally arrived and they are not made for walking. They are made for gliding. They are fearless and architecturally intrepid and scare the living hell out of all the other shoes on the block. These send messages, they make demands, they lock things down and stare you unwavering in the eye. Nope, these aren’t just shoes, they are ambitions and lifestyles and statements and mandates. And if I have to spend most of my time sitting, who cares? I’ll still be perched above you on my grand stilts of power.

You may be aware of my previous opining for these shoes – you can check it here. And if you were in any doubt as to their magnificence, check out the below endorsement:
‘I am captivated by her work. It is like nothing anybody is doing at the moment, exquisite, divine, perfect’ – Manolo Blahnik, quoted in W Magazine.
Go forth and conquer people.


So its that time of  year again…
The evenings are getting colder ( I had to put socks on last night as my toesies were cold – I harbour an allusion that calling them toesies makes them cuter). The nights are getting shorter and my anxiety grows.
As I have previously outlined, I do believe that the money fairies frequent our apartment and steal all my money.  However, this winter I have decided I am going to be sensible with my spending. Read the rest of this entry »

Me in the Middle

So the trip to Copenhagen for the ONLY Jeans Blogging Party/ Competition begins in earnest tomorrow. And so begins my Black Ops Undercover Invasion of the World of European Fashion Bloggers. For those of you uninitiated, What Will I Wear Today won a Best Irish Blogger competition with Danish ONLY Jeans. Prize includes a 2-night trip to Copenhagen to partake in shopping, blogging and photo-shooting. As WWIWT holds it’s tongue very much in it’s sartorial cheek, winning was a bit of a mystery. To avoid being caught downtown in Fraudtown, I’ve been concocting ways and means of employing Fashion Subterfuge. Checklist to date: Read the rest of this entry »

wool and sequins havent been this cool since yer mam's 80s jumper

Oh Isabel Marant, you are KILLING me. Your fashion is so accessible, so utterly ridiculously divine – I nearly break out in a rash, I get a case of The Want so badly. Now when I say accessible, I don’t mean in monetary terms. We’re talking about starting at over a grand for most of her items in the collection. Still, I reckon this is a look that’ll get turned around on the high street fairly quickly. Hopefully by October, we can have ourselves a few Marant-inspired pieces.

More pics of the A/W 2010 collection after the cut. (But be warned, The Want is infectious…)

Read the rest of this entry »

a hug in a jacket

Sorry I know it’s still summer… But look outside, it doesn’t really look it, does it? Ok to go on a winter tip for a moment?

Right, well  they tell me sheepskin is gonna be biiiig this winter. Well not just sheepskin actually, any sort of animal skin/fur/feather.  For a while now, I’ve been pining after a daycent aviator jacket. Anyone seen any nice ones aboot town? Unfortunately and unsurprisingly I cannot afford the Burberry price tag (they start at £3,000). I’ve spotted one on ASOS but I fear for the quality of it. This affordable-jacket hunt could take some time…

Read the rest of this entry »

Let me get one thing straight before I start my little rant on maxi dresses – I am average ish height, about 5’8 or so – by no means a giant, but going by the length of maxi dresses on the high street I am!! The single most difficult thing to find (for me) was a floor sweeping maxi dress, what is particularly frustrating about this is, that in my mind, no maxi dress looks right if it’s any shorter than floor length, it should skim the ground, the shoes (wedges, gladiators, flip flops, cons whatever tickles your fancy) should not be visible or at the most a flash of an embellished sandal is acceptable! Just a word of warning for all you who may be planning on purchasing! Read the rest of this entry »

So after my previous rant about heart V head with my wedding shoesies, I was still unable to decide.

I was then off doing the Focus Ireland Four Peaks Challenge for four days (enormous rant to come about how some people look glamorous in outrageous weather conditions while hiking) and while struggling through dense fog on Carrintowgal, debated the issue in my head and decided to be sensible and purchase within my budget. When I returned yesterday I clicked on to do so and saw that their sale had begun!!! Read the rest of this entry »

Off surfing again this weekend. This means natty hoodies, baggy tracksuit bottoms, mismatched bikinis, ridonculous booties, bruising, seaweed hair, sunburnt hands, runny noses, panda eyes, hangovers, carbs and most importantly, an inherited surfboard. A board that is slightly chipped, imprinted with dead flies and layered in sand and sexwax. Surfing the Irish Way. So imagine my shock and horror when I spotted this trend. A Chanel Surboard. Chanel, as in Coco, as in logomania, as in squillons of squids, as in serious luxury industry. Making surfboards. Surely this is wrong?

  Read the rest of this entry »

There is a recession on apparently. I have ceased to pay attention to the panic mongering about Ireland going broke and we are soon to be put under martial law by the International Monetary Fund. I find it gives me a stabbing pain in my arm and chest that is quite distressing.

However, I am trying to be more sensible with my salary which is usually blown on trash mags, diet cokes, mojitos, hangover takeaways and over expensive M&S fruit salads. Approximately 8 days after payday. In keeping with this frugality, I have decided to re-cycle my recent bridesmaid dress for use at my up-coming formal graduation and also to borrow a dress for a wedding I will be attending. I do not, however, have appropriate shoes for the beautiful black and gold number I shall be donning to the wedding. Read the rest of this entry »


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