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Oh the everlasting beauty of a plain white tee. Nothing compares to that exquisite feeling of happiness after slipping on the perfect fail-safe t-shirt. It just screams YESSSSsss. Searching frantically through a warzone of clothes for anything marginally appealing to wear is unfortunately something I know to well. Throwing combinations of cropped/sequined/striped/floral/knit/silk tops in every direction possible is often ended with a simple action of fitting on an ever-reliant white tee in some shape or another. When an outfit is almost out the door and something is still not right: too fussy, too planned, too much, too tight… the answer is clear.  Read the rest of this entry »


So some exciting stuff happening fashion-wise this week. Legendary 60’s label Biba is launching in House of Fraser this evening. Sumptuous, glamorous colours and textures, all in the signature styles.

AND…wait for it, wait for it – SCARF EXPERT in Brown Thomas at the weekend and DENIM EXPERT in BT’s. So, if like me, you couldn’t knot a scarf to save your life or are in a permanent state of builders bum, head on down to bargaintown.
Check out my LeCool write ups (with more information) here.

Over two years ago I bought a beautifully made, beautifully fitted, beautifully cut, B-E-A-U-T-IFUL dress from a lovely little boutique in Naas called Emporium Kalu. It was a spur-of-the-moment purchase after passing a SALE sign on the window. Obviously not being able to pass it, we stepped in to the pristine shop where the shop assistants were so dressed up and stunningly made-up,  it was embarrassing to go into with anything less than a 4 inch heel. After looking through the few clothes that were left, I found a perfect dress – it was gold brocade, had cute black straps and a little black bank around the waist that gave it a vintage-y feel. Having a ball coming up the following month, I had the perfect excuse to leave the shop a lot happier, bag-clad and 150 euro poorer (It was D&G though). What I didn’t know when I left the shop, was that it was to be one of my best buys EVER. It is, apart from my dirty old black pumps, the most worn item in my wardrobe. Read the rest of this entry »

Stop the press peeps…It has just been announced that the stunning French design house Lanvin is teaming up with highstreet giant H&M!!! And to say I’m excited would be a MASSIVE understatement.  This is huge news people… Lanvin is one of my all time fave designers, oozing ridiculously unattainable glamour, luxury and sophistication…
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The story goes that legendary fashion photographers Mert Atlas and Marcus Pigott were booked and ready to do the shoot. Allegedly they were all on set and everything. Next thing ya know Madonna walks in and says she wants to direct the video. They said great but we’re not paying you. At which point she whips out her iPod, teaches the girls some ‘moves’ and shoots the film in two hours.

Just not feeling this ad at all. The photo booth idea is cute but not very well executed I don’t think. Unless I’m missing something?

A great coup publicity-wise but do ya reckon Miu Miu made an error in judgement? Cos I do…

Too harsh?

Madonna and Child

I suppose you could say the A/W 2010 campaigns begin in earnest now and some brands have employed the heavy hitters like Madonna, Christy Turlington and Kate Moss to help hawk their wares. I’m not a big fan of Madonna but I am loving the shots used of her in the D&G campaign.

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Kate Queen of the Covers

I haven’t seen it on my local shelves yet but apparently the September Issue is out now. I have capitalised September Issue because I feel that since the RJ Cutler documentary about Anna Wintour and Vogue (but REALLY a film about how amazing Grace Coddington is) came out around this time last year, it seems to have taken on a status that requires big letters.

I don’t know if it was on purpose, but in a world where magazines are losing readers (either by recessionary means or to the Internet) that film was quite the marketing coup. As it was, the September Issue was the magazine’s cash cow and following the hype, I’d say more people are buying it now than ever before. And look, here I am blogging about it as well, giving it even more attention!

Anyway, in brief, Kate’s on it cos she’s still the Queen, Patrick Demarchelier took the shots and this winter Vogue is pushing the coat.

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Kelly = Total Ledge-bag

Jennie (From The Blog) and her sisters kicked off What Will I Wear Today? being escorted into the tents at Bryant Park for New York Fashion Week. Not sneaking in, walking in with the permission of a one Kelly Cutrone. True story.

Having treated my chancey buddy so kindly, from the off, I’m a big Kelly fan. Plus, her scenes in The City completely lift the programme. I’ve bought into her schtick big time. Her schtick being a no-nonsense, ball-busting, straight-talking, black-clad fashion maven.

In a world where people talk total HORSE-SHIT, she’s a breath of fresh air.

She’s written a book with the greatest title in the history of publishing. “If You Want To Cry, Go Outside.” It’s what Oscar Wilde would have called one of his novels if he’d been allowed to work in fashion pr. (And I rather suspect he really would have loved the opportunity.)

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Hervé Léger: As seen on EVERYONE. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  Is it a beautiful wardrobe staple or are we sick of seeing expensive bodycon on C-list slebs? Is is the Goddess dress of the Noughties or is it the Overkill of the Noughties? What do you think?

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So presumably the world and it’s mother has heard Bang Bang Bang? Mark Ronson and the Business International do disco-pop with help from Q-Tip and MNDR. Catchy as hell, but that’s a whole other box of subjectivity. The real focus of interest is MNDR or Amanda Warner – the emceeing lady with the glasses. You know the glasses I’m talking about. Big, white, round…Deirdre Barlow meets the Love Boat meets Santa Barbara. Read the rest of this entry »


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