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So as all the poor scholars head back to school, pencil cases and shiny new shoes in tow, I’d like to bring your attention to one huge PLUS to being back in the land of education. Rucksacks! Backpacks! Knapsacks! Majorly trending, majorly hawt and guess what – supremely practical. I am so sick of lugging around a ginormous handbag, walking at a horizontal angle, banging into old ladies and streetlamps, and catapulting off my bike as my bag dangles over the handlebars (long story involving the hospital and liver damage). How I have wished it was fashionably acceptable to use the sturdy, robust backpack. And now it is.  Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton, Donna Karan, Ann Demeulemeester all declare it so.

Whoop Whoop for Mr Wang and Edgy Backpackery

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This I can use at night to conserve electricity

 sounds like the start of a sexy story right? wrong. one day i had to call in sick to work as i had a spot on my lip. true story. my whole bottom lip had ballooned overnight and so i looked like a tragic botox victim, who could only slur words out one side of my mouth. the guys in work decided to call me lips mc ginn. and ever since then i have developed a fascination with the lips clutches from lulu guinness. some may say passé, others too-kitschy, and the kiss (hee hee) of death is too-katy perry. i say: lips mc ginn with a lips clutch? it’s a double whammy. i also say that was a fairly obvious segue, but at least i got to use, and enact, the word segue. and as you can see below, i have ingeniously created a list of uses for their versatility and a plausible argument as to why i must have them in 6 different shades.

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€5 in a market in tenerife. twas a comfort buy after my wallet was nicked the previous night. once again, damn you alehandro.

It’s almost gotten to the point where I wouldn’t understand how to pay full price for an item of clothing. Not that I’m a hustler baby. It’s just that I instinctively walk to the sale rail in a shop, I purposefully ignore ‘just in’ signage and 90% of my handbags come from charideeeeee shops. Below are a few of my latest steals.

are butterflies naff? at €3 who cares?

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tory burch's tote campaign

so last week brown thomas released their latest offering for the fashion targets breast cancer campaign. every year the shop gets a new designer on board to create a bag to sell, with all proceeds going to the irish cancer society. it’s the brown thomas way of giving a little bit back to the community i suppose…after tricking us out of our money with their adorable top-hatted front man and  ‘hate-to-admit-it-but-so-cool-to-be-seen-with-it’ luscious brown striped bag! their previous bags have admittedly been a bit fashion undesirable. diane von furstenberg’s iconic print was let down by the dowdy shape, which suggested rachel allen on her way to a picnic circa 1990. the following year, paul smith’s creation resembled the free bags i used to get with my subscription to bliss magazine. this year however i must commend brown thomas on it’s latest collaboration with new york-based designer tory burch. the result is a well-shaped tote with a cool stand-out graphic leopard print. i’m not convinced that this bag would work well on the street, but what i’m thinking is teaming it with a white kaftan, some retro aviators and a pair of brightly coloured glads to take you through the summer. a leopard print always screams cool on the beach, whether it’s party central ibiza or the more conservative ballymoney beach.

diane von furstenberg's creation. it holds ten ham sandwaiches, ten cheese sandwiches, a large bag of tayto, a bag of apples and tea for two

and next week, a matching pair of paul smith flip-flops


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