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Ok people, have your sick bags at the ready. You have been warned. The Only Jeans Fashion Blogger Event was a serious fashion extravaganza in the most surreal sense of the word.  Debriefing will happen in three stages – the only way to relay some of the magic of the trip. First we’ll go from airport to hotel to a whirlwind tour of the streets of Copenhagen. The second post will be about the ‘science part’ – the presentations, the blogging salon and the Only Jeans brand.  And the final part – the piece de resistance – will be the fashion shoot on the final day. Hold onto your knickers people. Read the rest of this entry »


i am finally back from Bulgaria and feeling  less than refreshed. not that i thought a week long manic, party-infested, alcohol and pizza driven holiday was going to be refreshing at all. on first arrival  in Bulgaria i wasn’t exactly prepared for what i was going to encounter. there truly isn’t much to say about Bulgarian style. in Bulgaria its all about the ripped t-shirts, colour pop string tops and metallic (not so much cool Dizzee Rascal but more mingin’-blingin’ Basshunter) bikinis. i felt like i was transported back into the 90’s – i saw an extreme overload of permed hair, luminous leg warmers and ill-fitting, high-waisted, stone-washed jeans. Read the rest of this entry »

Hi peeps, apols for my lack of blogging of late. I worked almost twelve days in a row before heading off on mi vacaciones to Barcelona, and now I need another holdiay to get over the madness. (Sonar I both love and blame you for my present state)

Yeah I know, you can hear the tiny violins but I’m basically apologising in advance for a meandering blog post. My brain is still mush. I’m afriad today, there’ll be no whimsical turn of phrase coming your way here…

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once again i must apologise for my absence from whatwilliwear as i have recently been finishing up my leaving cert and thought i probably should dedicate some time to studying. so with the memory of exams quickly fading away and the lure of summer (and the rest of my life) awaiting me, i cannot but be excited at the prospect of throwing out my uniform in exchange for some fresh, fun, funky, fabulous outfits. holiday shopping always excites me even though i usually only end up with a few bikinis and t shirts which inevitably end up lost by the end of summer. Read the rest of this entry »

nifty thrifty

job-hunting is hard. and tiring. and i am easily distracted from it.

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The Sartorialist took his inimitable (or all-pervasive?) street-snapping style to Tokyo recently and returned with a bevy of non-Harajuku/Manga/Superhero snaps. Turns out that Harajuku style is not endemic and people like to experiment in more conservative or directional ways too.  Read the rest of this entry »

Charles Taylor Blingin It

1.    No one wears clogs: This is a gross misconception. It transpires that the Dutch are a very well shod people without need to resort to clumpy wooden shoes.
2.    Former warlords like their bling: While sitting in on a session of the Special Court for Sierra Leone in The Hague, I caught a glimpse of Charles Taylor, currently on trial for crimes against humanity. It would with appear hobnobbing the supermodels was beneficial to his fashion sense – Taylor likes his suits sharp. He’s also a man with a passion for accessorising – gold cufflinks, gold pen … it’d sicken you.

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god bless each and every one of you

next week i travel to chicago to live the american dream for three months. the american dream, no doubt, where i arrive with my paddy friends, spend half the summer in an irish bar trying to impress some local chicagoian with my vast knowledge of the irish language (‘conas ata tu?’, ‘ta tu ana te’, ‘caca mileas’), check out the local gaa club, and then leave knowing yet more paddies than before. and lets not kid ourselves here, we’re all the same when we’re abroad…traipsing around any one of the european cities that ryanair fly to, with an indistinguishable map in our hands, looking for that tiny shamrock icon for a bit of home-grown craic (and boi is it always worth it…ending the night arm in arm with your fellow irish comrades to the tune of Sin ne Fiann na Fail)…

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Ulrika Sandstrom Top

Dearest Scandinavia,

I am writing to you in the vain hope that you will cease taunting me with your sartorial prowess. You have been assaulting my senses with a relentless procession of uber-cool, super-slick and mega-chic designers, thus causing me to write in double-barreled adjectives. I have been experiencing traumatic eye-strain squinting over edgy patterns, minimalist lines and quirky functionalism. I have been gasping out loud at the accessible price range of many designers, causing much tut-tutting from my co-workers. Perhaps the most odious, offensive part of my Scandinavian experience to date is the indignity of the No-Delivery-To-Ireland. Can you please explain? Is it because of the recession? Is is because of the unequivocal ugliness of our politicians? Is it because the Spire on O’Connell street has been stealing potential tourists away from the Little Mermaid? Please explain why you have taken this vendetta against me. I understand that the rapid success of the Acne label means that us potato-loving degenerates are now able to access the covetable jeans and clean designs from the UK (with cap in hand), but what of the up-and-coming designers?  Am I not allowed to play with Ulrika SandStrom? Can I not experience the the Munthe plus Simonsen fun and frivolity? Can I not dance in the Friis and Company shoes, can I not swirl the Nina Jarebrink bag over my shoulder? Please desist broadcasting your wares over the internet if we cannot be part of the gang. It is deeply saddening for our burgeoning fashion class. If you reconsider the situation I am willing to immediately partake in the buying frenzy and will pledge my allegiance forever.


(A bereft and confused) Jennie Read the rest of this entry »

I did not ever imagine I would have such difficulty in writing a piece for the blog. This is my fourth attempt and its been as arduous a task as childbirth*. I decided I would write about Cycle Chic. I’ve recently become the proud owner of a new bike and I figured (quite arrogantly) that this was a sufficient credential for me to write on this topic. Ha! As if. It’s akin to me assuming I’d be a whiz at dental surgery simply because I brush my teeth every day.

I had heard of the concept of Cycle Chic, but had done little to explore the topic, until this opportunity presented itself. And almost immediately I was awed at the sheer scale of what I’d undertook. Cycle Chic is MASSIVE! IT’S EVERYWHERE! How have I not realised this until now?

A quick go on the google box brings up two amazing blogs that trade solely on Cycle Chic, the first being This was started by the man who is rumoured to have developed the phrase “Cycle Chic”, and has been described as “The Sartorialist on two wheels” by the Guardian – heady praise indeed. A quick peek at the site and you’ll be greeted by photos of lots of really cool, fashionable people, on really cool, fashionable bikes, looking fabulously cool and gorgeous. It’s enough to make you sick. In a good way, of course.

The second blog worth mentioning is This blog appears to be a bit more fashion based. The blog entry for 16 March is solely about a range of gorgeously cute helmets and this leads me neatly to my next section.

After viewing just these two blogs, I realised just how out of my depth I was as a commentator of Cycle Chic. So after much faffing around, and some very, VERY bad writing, I decided to get very egotistical and just talk about Cycle Chic as it relates to me.

I started using my bike again about two years ago when I was living in Dublin. I’d grown weary of public transport, and yet was far too impatient to walk anywhere. So I decided to take my old bicycle out of the shed in my parent’s garden and get back in the saddle, so to speak. I had no pride in the bike, it was merely an object to take me into work and home again. And because of the lack of consideration for how my bike looked (it was a rusty piece of crap), I therefore had absolutely no consideration for how I looked while on it. Even now I shudder when I remember the state of me. Like many other Irish cyclists, I wore cycling clothes while on my bike and changed once I got to work. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this option and I’m certainly not trying to put down people who choose to do this. My problem lies solely with myself and how truly terrible my cycling clothes were. Grubby old tracksuit bottoms tucked into socks (so they wouldn’t catch in the gears – the horror, THE HORROR!), an old t-shirt and a rainjacket. Throw in the obligatory hi-vis vest and awful, AWFUL helmet and you’ve got a sight for sore eyes.

But things have recently changed for me. I’ve gotten a new bike. A shiny, happy, sexy beast of a bike – the mere fact that it’s mine, makes me cooler. And since getting this bike, I’ve started to pay a lot more attention to how I dress when I’m cycling. And I’ve become aware of Cycle Chic, fairly succinctly defined (by Wikipedia, who else) as the culture of cycling in fashionable clothes.

It appears that I am way behind the times, and that cycle chic has already gained a niche in Ireland. November 2009 saw the second Cycle Chic fashion show in Cork City, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a third in 2010. The website for the 2009 show still lists all of last year’s exhibitors and a quick look through some of the websites left me coveting a few choice pieces.

My absolute number one must have include this incredibly cute helmet from

Sexy Safety

There are also lots of other sites with fantastic clothes for cycling in, cute baskets and bicycle accessories, not to mention amazing bikes. Definitely worth checking out.

As for me, this will certainly not be my last entry about Cycle Chic. I’ve unleashed a fashion monster with this topic so be sure to stay tuned to the blog for more.

* (a slight exaggeration)


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