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New label crush alert. Stolen Girlfriends Club – started in 2005, only on my radar in 2010.  (People, I am married to the computer already, I can’t catch everything…) Anyway, where to begin? The name is just inspired. I wanna be a stolen girlfriend, I wanna be part of that club. The look is insouciant, playful and seeeexxxxxyyyyy. And the pièce de résistance – two of the label owners are ex-pro surfers. PRO SURFERS – did you hear that? That just takes cool to a whole other level. The fashion line is just one of the tentacles of this creative super-collective; SGC incorporates musics, film, photography and events.

Seriously – tweed bicycle shorts – who would have thought it? I was racking my brains of how to do heritage this Winter without looking like Lady of the Manor, and BAM – Stolen Girlfriends Club give me tweed bicycle shorts. They also dabble in jewellery with a line called Heavy Metal, and by the Beard of Zeus, I simply must have that I love you to Death pendant. Intense – moi?

Check out the really sweet and dreamy video they shot for their Weapons of Mass Seduction Campaign. Beautiful and baffling. Don’t you just want in?


So I collected a print I had been admiring for a while. I’m on a bit of a print binge at the moment. It’s by an artist/ photographer called Rosco. I spied his work when he did some stuff for the Kings of Concrete this year. Trained in film photography, but a dab hand at the ‘ol photoshop malarkey, he is one hardworking chappie. The piece I got is a picture of a girl with a hefty chunk of digital wizardry on top.  It’s kinda Blade Runner/Metropolis/Cyber Goth stuff and I like it.

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Nicholas Kirkwood designed some shoesies for the Keith Haring Foundation. Haring was the 80’s pop artist extraordinaire – you’ll recognise the print instantly.  Kirkwood wanted to incorporate Haring’s graphics into his own shoe designs. I’m not digging it.

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Coco Rocha was invited by ElleUK to do a 25-page shoot for it’s 25th birthday.

I can honestly say it’s one of the most sexy, evocative, electrifying, want-inducing shoots I’ve seen in years.

It’s an hommage to the Jane Fonda movie “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” which is all about a dance marathon held during the American Depression. The idea was dance til you drop.

And man was the shoot convincing. I feel like taking a puff of my Ventolin just looking at these pics.

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The title says it all. K I’m not terrible at putting on the aul war paint… But I’m lacking in the skills that give the perfect woosh of eye colour,  the steady hand that sculpts the ultimate liner and that elusive knack of applying layers of slap that stay exactly where they’re applied.

Ever hear that phrase ‘Leave the house like Sex and the City, come home like Fair City…? *nervous laugh* oh yes, that is me, people.

Cue the gals from They’re cracked as crickets but I love them. Sam and Nic are both makeup artists and they put other YouTube tutorials in the shade.

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Sorry to disappoint menfolk everywhere, but I am of the grey and holey underwear persuasion. Generally speaking, 90% of my undies have been turned varying shades of blue and pink in the wash, have no elastication left and are designed for sport and comfort rather than aesthetics. And then when I do buy nice lingerie, I can’t be arsed washing them properly.

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Brian Coldrick is a superfanstic illustrator. I am not. I am a fashion junky. Brian is not. (I think) And by the Beard of Zeus somehow these two realities converged to create one junked up, superfantastic fashion illustration. And when I say ‘converged’, I mean it went like this:

‘Brian, can I pay you to draw me a picture’
‘Absolutely, whaddya want?’
‘Um, something about fashion’
‘Okaaaaaaaay, anything more specific?’
‘Well, some like, fashion-y stuff, like trends and things. Like style y’know. And FASHION’
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So Kings of Concrete took place over the weekend and if you wanted a yardstick of how cool Ireland has the potential to be, this was it. Every sort of hip and happenin’ body flocked to the 2-day urban arts festival. I don’t remember the kids being this cool when I was young. There were piercings and undercuts as far as the eye could see and the prevalent mode of transport were cons and neon nike high-tops. Caps were a high velocity presence as were giant plastic shades and skateboards accessorized the look. To be fair, the atmosphere was friendly, enthusiastic and bouncing: none of the too-cool-for-school trendies, just a gang of dancers, boarders, graffers and dj’s spreading the love.

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The Sartorialist took his inimitable (or all-pervasive?) street-snapping style to Tokyo recently and returned with a bevy of non-Harajuku/Manga/Superhero snaps. Turns out that Harajuku style is not endemic and people like to experiment in more conservative or directional ways too.  Read the rest of this entry »


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