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Hold onto your braces people, This is England ’86 is definitely the real A/W trend we’ve been waiting for. You can shove your camel, eat your shearling cap and say goodbye to 1950s feminine restraint. Lol, Kelly and Smell are this seasons superheros. Read the rest of this entry »


Check out these little bad boys. Behind the shoot interviews of Nylon Magazine cover stars. Read the rest of this entry »

Clare Kambamettu - 51st Rose

(I have never heard that Father Ted quote bandied about so much as I have over the last few days…)

Now let me preface this post by saying I have nothing against the Rose of Tralee (except the fact that at 26 you’d be too old to enter it). On Monday I was listening to Sinead Gleeson on The Last Word and she raised a very valid point. The Rose of Tralee is a representation of women that you don’t usually see on TV. And it’s true. The Hills, The City, Big Brother and yes even Sex and the City… they’re all less than flattering representations of the female form. It IS refreshing to see women on TV who aren’t trying to dumb themselves down so that people like them better. It’s bloody brilliant actually.

But Christ on a bike through charity work is the Rose of Tralee twee…

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Charges were brought against the cast of Fair City at the weekend on Fashion Crimes 1 and Conspiracy to Offend the Eyes of the Public. These very serious charges were initiated by The United Nations of People Against Irish Televisual Fashion. After months of campaigning, UNAITF had successfully brought a comprehensive and watertight case to the High Courts. Their campaign cited heinous misuse of patterns, widespread trend negligence, willfully obscure shapes, repetition, excessive use of cheap, animal-print materials and a dependency on in-house charity shop materials. Read the rest of this entry »

wearing shades cos looks can kill

Gah! Too many people love this woman! Can somebody please tackle Joe Zee and help him understand that Olivia is EVIL. Poor aul Erin does her best. It could be time for a strongly worded email sent in the direction of MTV, suggesting Kelly Cutrone takes Olivia on for a week in People’s Revolution. Holy moly, that’d be such great TV.

The source of my vitriol must surely be a shared exprience. Doesn’t everyone know someone like this in the work place? Does the minimum, takes credit for other people’s work, arrogant beyond belief and doesn’t feel embarrassed that certain people know she’s a fraud… I may have to start carrying around a cold wet cod, just on the offchance I ever encounter her and have the opportunity to deliver a swift but mighty slap of the face.

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So what do we think? Style Wars. Is this gonna be any cop? With Caprice in the pivotal position (that is the apex of the triangle, a power pose common in reality TV programming), I sense a scraping of the barrel in terms of budgets. TV3 does not have a great track record with high quality, dyanmic programming; relying instead on American imports and embarrassing recreations of British reality tv formats. Read the rest of this entry »

I am not a fan of Jedward. There, I said it. No doubt to a backdrop of shocked silences, a chorus of tut tuts and a wave of nodding heads. I just don’t ‘get’ them. What is their purpose? What are they for? Every time I see a performance, I cringe at the stunning naivete, the collusion in national exploitation and the truly staggering lack of talent. Read the rest of this entry »

Below is a whistlestop fashion tour for those unfortunate enough to miss the sartorial feast that is the Eurovision. 2010 heralded in one of the most diverse and exciting collections the competition has ever seen.  Boobs are in, sequined hotpants are in, natural disaster influences are in (see Iceland), Jetsons asymmetrical hairstyles are in. Butterflies were HUGE and will be everywhere Eurovision 2011. Read the rest of this entry »

Terry Richardson and Jersey Shore have combined for some fist pumping, weight crunching, fake tan filled, hair gelled action in these new set of pics. As previously blogged about, Jersey Shore is the new hit reality car crash show on MTV. A house on the Shore was filled for a summer with self proclaimed “guidos” and “guidettes” to run amok in – a reality show quite unlike any other. The “guidos” in this show seem to have fared a lot better than the “guidettes”, coming out with a squeaky clean (and extremely tanned) image, despite their outrageous and provocative behaviour….cue Richardson jumping on the bandwagon to give us these relatively tame ( by Richardson’s standards ) pictures for Interview magazine.

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Long gone are the days of slavishly following the trials and tribulations of the not-so-reality TV show The Hills. It seems we have finally and thankfully grown tired of the beautiful and blonde cast of The Hills and it’s not-so-successful  spin off, The City. We are tired of beautiful people partying in VIP red-rope enclosed areas, sipping on $20 drinks. It seems due to this current economic instability, due to the incredible lack of disposable income, we long not to cry over the unattainable fashion forward wardrobe of Olivia, Whitney and even LC. We would much much rather watch some tragic, trashy, train-wreck TV. We want the cast of Jersey Shores. It seems MTV’s launch of this “party all day, party all night” phenomenon, with its woeful display of spray tans and hair gel came juuuuust at the right time. We want to feel good about ourselves right? We want to feel up to date in the fashion world even though we have been living in the same shabby yet oh-so-reliable ankle boots for what seems a lifetime. One way to do this is to switch from analysing the designer threads of the rich and famous in LA to carelessly cringing as the Italian “Guidos/Guidas” bump n’ grind in Jersey Shores.

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