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My wardrobe looks like a circus exploded in it. I am subjected to wearing suits and formal work clothes Monday to Friday, so in my own time my maxim is the brighter the better. My staples are coloured dresses, sequins and anything else shiny. However, this winter, as I wander the High Street (which is disappointing to say the least) I am finding myself drawn back to black (used to wear a lot as an angsty, weight-conscious teenager).

I don’t know if this is age creeping up on me or a reaction to a pretty big fail by most of the high street stores for A/W 2010, but I seem to be going black and minimal in my fashion choices.  It may also be after reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy on holidays – perhaps I am channelling my inner Lisbeth Salender?  Whatever, I am feeling the grunge look. The refined grunge look I might add – I am not a fan of ripped tights or Taylor Momsen’s racoon eyes.

So I think the focus of my Back to Black Attack is this black leather skirt from Pepe – spied it in BT2 and it screams sophistication rather than try-hard. It’s also available on ASOS – I loves it…I just need to work up the courage to wears it.

I think this dress from Manoush is FABULOUS and could see myself and this dress propping up a bar with a killer pair of stilettos . I love the way the focus is on the bum and not on the cleavage. I am also loving Marks & Spencers tights at the moment and think a pair of the dramatic lace ones could work very well with this outfit. They have some plum/purple ones that could alternatively add a nice contrast.

It is pricey. But,  I did say this winter I am going to try and put together one of those ‘capsule wardrobes’ (such the fash-pack buzz word) and a black dress is a staple right?

These boots from ALDO are bitchin’. They have just the right touch of Victoriana/Gothic going on to fit in with my current clothing mood. I also love boots with lace -ups as they are easier to fit on over leggings/treggings/jeggings (when did we stop wearing trousers?).

I am in love with these embellished black leggings from River Island and think they would look fantastic with one of the many leopard print tops on the High Street. And big hair. These leggings scream big hair

I will be teaming all of the above with my trusty black eye-liner from MAC and hoping to pull off a return to black.  It’s not as simple as piling on a load of black – it may be slimming, but too much and you start getting handed the number for the Samaritans. A lot of black with a lick of class – that’s what I’m after


So its that time of  year again…
The evenings are getting colder ( I had to put socks on last night as my toesies were cold – I harbour an allusion that calling them toesies makes them cuter). The nights are getting shorter and my anxiety grows.
As I have previously outlined, I do believe that the money fairies frequent our apartment and steal all my money.  However, this winter I have decided I am going to be sensible with my spending. Read the rest of this entry »

So its safe to say I have never been an A-wear fan. I always thought it was the Fair City of fashion i.e. a poor Irish substitute of our neighbours across the water. The clothes were never as on trend and the material always poor quality. A-wear was similar to Pennys but double the price and lacking the ability to adapt High Fashion to High Street. Read the rest of this entry »

Oooooooooh, Current Affairs meets Fashion – Fantastic…

So, I have a job that requires me to read the less fun papers – (Irish Times, Irish Independent, Financial Times, Sunday Business Post etc). Craic central. However, I often enjoy some of the lifestyle articles and general debate that these papers contain. While as much as I adore Grazia, it doesn’t quite pack the same punch intellectually as the Irish Times opinion section. Read the rest of this entry »

So I am not a label head. I LOVE a Penny’s bargain and I unashamedly fancy River Island. Yes I know River Island can sometimes venture into Russian-Mafia-Girlfriend-Wardrobe every now and then, but it also had some stunning summer dresses that are lightweight and versatile. Such as this fantastic dress from the graduate collection I bought at the weekend in Belfast

Here is the red in full

Read the rest of this entry »

So after my previous rant about heart V head with my wedding shoesies, I was still unable to decide.

I was then off doing the Focus Ireland Four Peaks Challenge for four days (enormous rant to come about how some people look glamorous in outrageous weather conditions while hiking) and while struggling through dense fog on Carrintowgal, debated the issue in my head and decided to be sensible and purchase within my budget. When I returned yesterday I clicked on to do so and saw that their sale had begun!!! Read the rest of this entry »

There is a recession on apparently. I have ceased to pay attention to the panic mongering about Ireland going broke and we are soon to be put under martial law by the International Monetary Fund. I find it gives me a stabbing pain in my arm and chest that is quite distressing.

However, I am trying to be more sensible with my salary which is usually blown on trash mags, diet cokes, mojitos, hangover takeaways and over expensive M&S fruit salads. Approximately 8 days after payday. In keeping with this frugality, I have decided to re-cycle my recent bridesmaid dress for use at my up-coming formal graduation and also to borrow a dress for a wedding I will be attending. I do not, however, have appropriate shoes for the beautiful black and gold number I shall be donning to the wedding. Read the rest of this entry »

One spray over the line?

Its June. Officially the summer is here. Someone might want to inform the sun of this however. Summer dresses, short shorts (the only kind) and playsuits are back in. In general: yay, but what does this mean to the average Irish girl? We may have to ditch the thick opaque tights we’ve been wearing under said items all through the winter months and actually bare some flesh. Read the rest of this entry »

Just in from the Outnet: my new Karl Lagerfield shorts

Reduced from €155.20 to €23.99 – Cheaper than Top-shop.
They are marshmellow pink and not so short or tight you could count my cellulite bumps. Also to echo my Mother, the quality of the material is just outstanding. They will be parading down Washington street in Cork this weekend teamed with my new ghetto gold gladiators from Pennys and a crisp white tee-shirt.
Don’t you just love shopping days like these………………………..

Technology. I remember when the height of technology in Irish society was having a video player. And that was so you could record Corrie if you happened to be out. These days, it’s all I-phones at dawn. Over the pub table it’s an App-Off – with everyone trying to out-do each other with sleep tracking applications and Eurovision prediction databases and magnetic compasses. I have recently become an I-widow my boyfriend has taken to his I-phone with abandon and I have been relegated well below his World Cup app. Read the rest of this entry »


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