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Well it’s Monday afternoon and I’m sitting here in my pajamas still recovering from Saturday night- well actually recovering from the entire week; the entire stress-riddled, nail-biting, sleep deprived week. But the Debs was on, it was enjoyed and now its over and to be entirely honest, I’m quite relieved about that really. So as you know from a previous post, the day didn’t exactly go to plan. Well not the day exactly but everything. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

The dress didn’t arrive, the tan turned green, the curls had disappeared after an hour, the bus was only booked the night before and the eyelashes were a joke. But in the end it all came together – just like some messed-up, drunken, Irish, happily-ever-after. So although I only bought the dress two days before, (and the shoes and bag the night before), it was all good and the stress was well worth it. The competition was ‘Fierce’. The style stakes were high and there was an incredible array of very different dresses – Grecian to print, silky to jersey, and very little to very big.

My dress, as you can see, was short – an unusual choice considering only 3 people were wearing short dresses. My original dress was a long, dusty pinkish dress but due to ‘unforeseen circumstances, [the dress] won’t arrive until late next week’. (Damn you House of Fraser and you’re blatant lack of regard for The Most Important Night of a Post-Leaving Cert) After a five minute ‘bitch-fit’ and a 3 minute cry, I ran over to Kildare Village and bought the first dress I tried on (yes, really!) from Karen Millen. A surprise choice as a) I never shop there and b) the dress was short and c) the colour was mint green – a risky decision if ever there was.

Anyway, unfortunately I am having severe writers block due to a lack of sleep (ok i did get 15 hours in total but right now, it definitely doesn’t feel like that) so the time has come to finish up. I need more pizza, more diet coke and a Jersey Shore marathon. Just a small note to Rosemary from The Great Débutante Debacle piece: If only I had listened to you sooner.

Editors Note: Jennie felt it important to share with you the reality of the Debs


Lorna's Hair. Looks better on Lorna

Ok, so Lornas Debs is tonight. Her House of Fraser dress didn’t arrive and so emergency dress had to be purchased in record time. Emergency shoes, bag, cape and hair-piece also had to be acquired. Mc Ginn household has been on Red Alert all week. Hair has been done ala Megan Fox via Veronica Lake, although looks like there’s a little droppage action going on. New shoes are being broken-in, but that might just mean early onset blisters in advance of tonight. House is being cleaned, sandwiches are being made – it’s go, go GO people. Absolute PANIC STATIONS.Honestly, I feel like the Queen is arriving. More updates later.

Over two years ago I bought a beautifully made, beautifully fitted, beautifully cut, B-E-A-U-T-IFUL dress from a lovely little boutique in Naas called Emporium Kalu. It was a spur-of-the-moment purchase after passing a SALE sign on the window. Obviously not being able to pass it, we stepped in to the pristine shop where the shop assistants were so dressed up and stunningly made-up,  it was embarrassing to go into with anything less than a 4 inch heel. After looking through the few clothes that were left, I found a perfect dress – it was gold brocade, had cute black straps and a little black bank around the waist that gave it a vintage-y feel. Having a ball coming up the following month, I had the perfect excuse to leave the shop a lot happier, bag-clad and 150 euro poorer (It was D&G though). What I didn’t know when I left the shop, was that it was to be one of my best buys EVER. It is, apart from my dirty old black pumps, the most worn item in my wardrobe. Read the rest of this entry »

If you have ever been Debs Dress shopping you will understand the unbearable pain that is scrummaging through shops and towns trying to find a dress that doesn’t look like it was made in a factory that only manufactures silk, velour and bright colours. But is it only me who sees this nationwide problem? I have looked in a total of about 40 shops and still no luck. They are all: too colourful, too Euro-trash, too revealing and too much of an eyesore to even look at, let alone actually wear. My first experience of this horrible task took place on a cold, miserable (of course!) Saturday morning. Read the rest of this entry »

Today wasn’t the most interesting of days for me. I woke up late, watched and re-watched old episodes of The Hills and The City, cleaned the kitchen and went into town to run a few errands for mother dearest. As I was driving along down the street, minding my own business and not really taking in the repetitive sights of my completely average town I came across a woman pushing a buggy. The woman was jogging down the street in a typically ‘motherish’ tracksuit sporting none other than high heel trainers. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s that time of year again for us post-Leaving Cert do’ers to shop. And no, not just to shop for the usual things – nice cosy new socks, summer jackets on sale in Penneys etc, but for a Debs Dress. As much as I do love shopping, I generally prefer the last-minute type of shopping. The type of shopping that has you scrabbling around in every pocket of every item of clothing to cobble together a few squids and thus affording that dress that you just cannot live without. But when it comes to P.T.A shopping (Pre-Thought-About shopping as I like to call it – i.e. when you have a lot of money and time and have your comfiest flats on) it never seems to work for me. Read the rest of this entry »

i am finally back from Bulgaria and feeling  less than refreshed. not that i thought a week long manic, party-infested, alcohol and pizza driven holiday was going to be refreshing at all. on first arrival  in Bulgaria i wasn’t exactly prepared for what i was going to encounter. there truly isn’t much to say about Bulgarian style. in Bulgaria its all about the ripped t-shirts, colour pop string tops and metallic (not so much cool Dizzee Rascal but more mingin’-blingin’ Basshunter) bikinis. i felt like i was transported back into the 90’s – i saw an extreme overload of permed hair, luminous leg warmers and ill-fitting, high-waisted, stone-washed jeans. Read the rest of this entry »

once again i must apologise for my absence from whatwilliwear as i have recently been finishing up my leaving cert and thought i probably should dedicate some time to studying. so with the memory of exams quickly fading away and the lure of summer (and the rest of my life) awaiting me, i cannot but be excited at the prospect of throwing out my uniform in exchange for some fresh, fun, funky, fabulous outfits. holiday shopping always excites me even though i usually only end up with a few bikinis and t shirts which inevitably end up lost by the end of summer. Read the rest of this entry »

bra tops. i just don’t get them. i really don’t. if someone could please explain them to me i would be much appreciative. so they are bras that are worn as tops yes? but who might i ask can wear them? i’m all for looking at completely ridiculously over-the top extravagant clothes on the runway.looking though, never ever wearing. but its as if this recent trend is trying to be worn somewhere besides the runway as well. maybe i have just missed the memo but is it not still unacceptable to wear your bra as a top or indeed over your clothes. as well as it looks on the models of marc jacobs and chanel i do think this should be kept to the runway! perhaps being from a small inconspicuous town that has not yet accepted the concept of underwear worn as outerwear has got me brainwashed but if anyone else out there is of the same opinion as me do let me know. or i might just have to run out and buy some undies to look cool. indeed we all remember it being modelled first by our dear carrie bradshaw in sex in the city back in the day but it has recently shot to life once again. for those of us who don’t have a washboard stomach or perfectly rounded bosoms it is definitely a tricky one to wear (if you are interested in this ‘odd’ look that is). having seen both lady gaga and paris hilton-who are not two of my most beloved style icons-wearing it i have decided to steer clear of this trend over the summer months. maybe someday when walking down the street in a bra is deemed as the norm ill give it a go but until then i think it best to leave it to karlie kloss,  jessica stam and the likes.

Read the rest of this entry »

today was not a great day for me. in life and fashion. i got up, looked in the mirror and decided just then that i was going to have neither a good face, good hair or good clothes day. i threw on a pair of tracksuit bottoms (great festival find) and a scruffy t-shirt along with a pair of jennie’s runners that i stole (sorry jen…emmm couldn’t get through to you? yeah that’s a good excuse). after a whirlwind cramming session for my driving test, i set out to go to the test centre. leaning back and forward on the waiting room chair was the worst bit (or so i thought).  as soon as i met the examiner though, in his stern leather jacket and wife-bought shiny shoes, i knew it wasn’t going to go well. i think his distinct lack of response to my wide-smile put me off the most. anyway long story short, the test didn’t go so well and i have decided to channel my anger with a bitch and moan session on whatwilliweartoday? what hit me most about that day was not the shaky reverse around the corner or the ‘lack of observation’,  but the worn, black, side-zipped leather jacket the examiner was wearing. i began to think about the men i know who wear leather jackets. in total i think its two: my dad when he is riding his mot0rcycle, and my friend’s dad when he is riding his motorcycle. this i think is perfectly fine. they are sturdy, hard-wearing and act as a protection against the harsh elements. but outside of those two examples,  i think that quite possibly could be it for men. i have come across few men who actually look good in leather (generally in the pages of vogue, glamour, cosmo etc) and then the rest get it so desperately wrong you just cant help but wonder why? oh dear god why? it’s always too tight, too cheap, too spaghetti western, too eurovision, too sleazy italian, too mid-life crisis, too shiny and sometimes, just sometimes, too feminine. i am definitely not saying that men are the only culprits of this risqué trend but from what i have seen and heard it is usually  the men who tend to ‘misinterpret’ these jackets (to say the least). so mr-examiner-who-failed-me, is it jonathan rhys myers or ‘becks’ who inspired you to wear one of these monstrosities?

oh the horror

double the leather

double the hideous-ness

since i’ve calmed down a little, i do applaud the men who get the leather trend right though. brad and shia le beouf  have it down to a T. but apart from that guys lets leave the leather to the bikers and the women. even though leather emerged as the male jacket icon, it has been captured and mastered by us women! better luck next time lads.

picture perfect in a biker jacket

shia, my personal fave, never gets it wrong


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