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The title says it all. K I’m not terrible at putting on the aul war paint… But I’m lacking in the skills that give the perfect woosh of eye colour,  the steady hand that sculpts the ultimate liner and that elusive knack of applying layers of slap that stay exactly where they’re applied.

Ever hear that phrase ‘Leave the house like Sex and the City, come home like Fair City…? *nervous laugh* oh yes, that is me, people.

Cue the gals from They’re cracked as crickets but I love them. Sam and Nic are both makeup artists and they put other YouTube tutorials in the shade.

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So its safe to say I have never been an A-wear fan. I always thought it was the Fair City of fashion i.e. a poor Irish substitute of our neighbours across the water. The clothes were never as on trend and the material always poor quality. A-wear was similar to Pennys but double the price and lacking the ability to adapt High Fashion to High Street. Read the rest of this entry »

*sob sob sniffles* Am deeply upset while writing this post. Through all my hard work, ups and downs, I have finally come to the end of my education. No more sleeping till noonish (okay 3ish…), no more mid-week bottles of wine and out-on-the-town, and worst of all – no more hiding behind the comforting layers of my trustworthy hoodys and comfortable cons. These clothes have seen me through the highs and lows of my college education and not always in the cleanest condition – no up-turning of noses here please as we’ve all been there….snoozing through your alarm before waking up in pure panic and throwing on the closest thing to your bed before legging it out the door – realising on reaching your destination that there’s food/booze/toothpaste/muck nicely dribbled all over your ensemble*. So now its time to hit the “real world”. Hmm not liking the sound of this. No way. Not one bit. Read the rest of this entry »

Have you ever wondered what to do when you wake up in the morning looking rougher than Pat Butcher after a drunken catfight with Peggy Mitchell? You stare agog at your pasty, bloated, sleep-deprived face with 3-day old mascara and seaweed hair. Your body refuses to cooperate with traditional dressing techniques and all of a sudden, everything you own is mismatched, stained or criminally ugly. Fear not, for your survival guide is laid out below… Read the rest of this entry »

Vicky post-Manhattanification (one must assume)

Aideen here – Happy Wednesday y’all!

So The Sunday Times Style Magazine had a great piece this week. It was the story of Vicky Ward and her Manhattan Make-over.

In brief: Vicky moves to New York. She’s slightly frumpy, wild of mane and got those ‘British’ teeth Americans insist on bitching about. Before long she is a transformed woman, in keeping with the ‘rules’ of how the NYC woman should present herself. She slimmed down, had major dental surgery and got a bitchin haircut which meant she had to give up swimming for life.

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