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Don’t really know what to say.  Feeling an overwhelming sense of schadenfreude thinking about fashion at the moment. Vicious cycle of not having enough money, having some money, spending said money, feeling instantly guilty with the splurge, then empty, then lonely, then lusting after the next object to acquire/ squire. Affluenza much? Bloody good read if you haven’t gotten around to it. Oliver James charts our modern sickness. Prepare to feel self-loathing and fleeting enlightenment.

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Kate Queen of the Covers

I haven’t seen it on my local shelves yet but apparently the September Issue is out now. I have capitalised September Issue because I feel that since the RJ Cutler documentary about Anna Wintour and Vogue (but REALLY a film about how amazing Grace Coddington is) came out around this time last year, it seems to have taken on a status that requires big letters.

I don’t know if it was on purpose, but in a world where magazines are losing readers (either by recessionary means or to the Internet) that film was quite the marketing coup. As it was, the September Issue was the magazine’s cash cow and following the hype, I’d say more people are buying it now than ever before. And look, here I am blogging about it as well, giving it even more attention!

Anyway, in brief, Kate’s on it cos she’s still the Queen, Patrick Demarchelier took the shots and this winter Vogue is pushing the coat.

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Naomi probably says "I know"

I cannot handle compliments at all. They make me feel embarrassed and awkward. Not to mention under pressure to return one STAT!

I’m sure ye’re the same. I know I’ve heard the following exchange from perfect strangers on numerous occasions:

“LOVE that top, it’s gorgeous on you!”

“This? God no… twas only a fiver from Penneys anyway. *quick, pay her a compliment back* You’re top is fab though, I love it”

In the words of Chandler Bing, could it BE any more pathetic? I used to think it was an Irish phenomenon but I’ve definitely heard some of my English/Scottish buddies have the same reaction .

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You’ll probably have noticed through my recent blogs, there is more than just the one reference to Jasmine Di Milo. Di Milo is by and large one of my fav designers at the mo… mind you, I tend to be quite fickle and this can change…. but for right now, you could say I am just a tiny bit obsessed with her work – I am loving her Spring Summer 2010 collection.  So you can imagine my incredible disappointment at the recent announcement that Jasmine’s Autumn Winter 2010 collection, oddly entitled ‘The Puzzle Factory’, will be her last… The official statement was that Jasmine has decided, after only ten years of designing, to now focus on her other interests!! Booo to that! So I thought it was only right to pay homage to her… after all from now on her pieces will be collector items… so get buying I say!!!

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The other night I had a dream. I was a teacher, Dylan Moran was my boyfriend and my parents were a travelling folk music duo. Somehow from this madness an epiphany emerged. I began to examine my fashion personality.

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So I am not a label head. I LOVE a Penny’s bargain and I unashamedly fancy River Island. Yes I know River Island can sometimes venture into Russian-Mafia-Girlfriend-Wardrobe every now and then, but it also had some stunning summer dresses that are lightweight and versatile. Such as this fantastic dress from the graduate collection I bought at the weekend in Belfast

Here is the red in full

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So what do we think? Style Wars. Is this gonna be any cop? With Caprice in the pivotal position (that is the apex of the triangle, a power pose common in reality TV programming), I sense a scraping of the barrel in terms of budgets. TV3 does not have a great track record with high quality, dyanmic programming; relying instead on American imports and embarrassing recreations of British reality tv formats. Read the rest of this entry »

Charles Taylor Blingin It

1.    No one wears clogs: This is a gross misconception. It transpires that the Dutch are a very well shod people without need to resort to clumpy wooden shoes.
2.    Former warlords like their bling: While sitting in on a session of the Special Court for Sierra Leone in The Hague, I caught a glimpse of Charles Taylor, currently on trial for crimes against humanity. It would with appear hobnobbing the supermodels was beneficial to his fashion sense – Taylor likes his suits sharp. He’s also a man with a passion for accessorising – gold cufflinks, gold pen … it’d sicken you.

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Some words on trouser length, width and general acceptability. Just a suggestion.  Read the rest of this entry »

Vicky post-Manhattanification (one must assume)

Aideen here – Happy Wednesday y’all!

So The Sunday Times Style Magazine had a great piece this week. It was the story of Vicky Ward and her Manhattan Make-over.

In brief: Vicky moves to New York. She’s slightly frumpy, wild of mane and got those ‘British’ teeth Americans insist on bitching about. Before long she is a transformed woman, in keeping with the ‘rules’ of how the NYC woman should present herself. She slimmed down, had major dental surgery and got a bitchin haircut which meant she had to give up swimming for life.

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