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Yigal Azrouel

Well unfortunately this year we missed out on our tickets to New York fashion week (some of you might recall our fluke encounter with a certain Ms Kelly Cutrone and our admittance into a certain Alexandre Herchcovitch show last year…where we brushed shoulders with our buds Kanye and Anna and the likes. If not check it out here!) but na bi buartha, I’ve kept a critical eye on the goings on across the pond and here’s my pick of the best trends and collections…

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When I stumbled across this picture I felt it was only fair that I share it with you all… it is one of the single most bizarre pics I have ever seen…The queen (bitch) of the fashion world Anna Wintour getting down with her bad self with none other than……………………. P Diddy!!! How random – Who knew she actually had a fun side?!

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Aideen anseo…

Good God Almighy, when it comes to how fantastic Mad Men is, where do I even begin? It’s not just the fantastic story lines, the well developed characters, the faithfulness to the period – it’s the fact that the fashion is a veritable feast for the eyes. I defy you not to salivate over Betty’s dresses or marvel at Joan’s voluptuous figure poured into her office attire. And Peggy? Ah well I suspect her time will come. The gay fella in the art department started her on the right track. By series five, she’ll be in a mini skirt, I betcha!

I wasn’t watching the show for long before I HAD to buy a bright red lippie. And then an even deeper red lippie. In fact, I probably won’t be stopping until I’ve made my way through the full spectrum (FYI – Revlon was available at every drug-store in 60s New York. Apparently the original Revlon Red, which women would have worn up and down Madison Avenue, is still available.)

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Vicky post-Manhattanification (one must assume)

Aideen here – Happy Wednesday y’all!

So The Sunday Times Style Magazine had a great piece this week. It was the story of Vicky Ward and her Manhattan Make-over.

In brief: Vicky moves to New York. She’s slightly frumpy, wild of mane and got those ‘British’ teeth Americans insist on bitching about. Before long she is a transformed woman, in keeping with the ‘rules’ of how the NYC woman should present herself. She slimmed down, had major dental surgery and got a bitchin haircut which meant she had to give up swimming for life.

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