‘What on earth could this post be about?’, I bet your asking yourselves. We have finally bitten the bullet, taken the bull by the horns, pulled our collective socks up and looked staunchly in the face of adversity: it is time to start making a public appearance in the blog. What will this entail? Giggling, mincing and twirling our way through photoshoots? No. Not quite. Unfortunately, due to our collective inability to pose unless under the influence of alcohol, we have to approach this from more of a mischievous angle. So…to the task at hand…
Sarah is graduating from college tonight and as, quote unquote, she is running around ‘like a blue -arse fly’ , she has left it to me to detail her graduation outfit. Ha ha. As you can see, she is wearing a dress, shoes and sunglasses. But more than that, she is wearing SUCCESS. Can you see it? Can you smell it? That is the scent of superiority. She is now a media graduate. Radio and communications. SUCCESS. Also ready and available for employment – any takers? She can read good.

* As a by-the-by, these are the test shots she sent in for the Next James Bond Girl call. The response was ‘yeah, but will she get her kit off?’.

Look! She can walk!

The steely eyes of determination. Also the Death Stare.

Willing to walk into walls

Able to model beside a sludge-infested moss-pond and STILL look good

Hands cut from the cloth of God

Dress from Dorothy Perkins (I think?), shoes from Dorothy Perkins, shades from Pennys and ring from somewhere in the bowels of the Mc Ginn household.