So what do we think? Style Wars. Is this gonna be any cop? With Caprice in the pivotal position (that is the apex of the triangle, a power pose common in reality TV programming), I sense a scraping of the barrel in terms of budgets. TV3 does not have a great track record with high quality, dyanmic programming; relying instead on American imports and embarrassing recreations of British reality tv formats. I’m thinking lacklustre, a bit cheap, probably cringe worthy and generally a bit rubbish. But I am letting past TV3 incarnations colour my perspective. If they give us something that fuses early ANTM with mid-way Project Runway and a little of the British Apprentice, than I will for sure eat my hat. Age range spans from 17 to 41, offering the same narrative controversies over age, lifestyle, background etc. Biographies detail inanities such as ‘drive, ambition, cut-throat competition in making it to the top’, ‘ the next big thing in Irish fashion’ etcetc and the mix looks like the usual fair of clashing personalities to ensure maximum exploitation.  But you know, I’ll give it a whirl.