Delicate lace, sheer chiffon, uber feminine satin, frills, bows, floaty, billowing fabrics, baby pinks, pretty pastels, natural nudes…. all that’s missing is hundreds of daisies and big open meadows and we’ve got the intro to The Sound of Music or an ad for washing detergent….but no, what I am trying to create in your minds is the image of the ultra feminine romantic trend taking highstreet by storm. Yep the romantic trend is big news and girly, soft and oh so pretty is the order of the day.

Right now it’s all about lace – Lace hasn’t been in with as much gusto as this since Autumn Winter 08, and then it was very much rock/ punk inspired, in contrast this season is verrrrry boudoir inspired. It demonstrates a sleek, strong femininity that stands in stark opposition to the “borrowed from your boyfriend” look.
It’s  a super playful, innocent, and pretty look, but be very careful not to overdo the sweet and innocent – pair a cute lace dress with a sharp jacket/ blazer or, as we edge closer and closer to Autumn Winter,  pull out your leather jacket from last season – Leather is set to return as a big look again next season. If you don’t want to go for a full on lace look, opt for a lace cut dress or jacket. I recently picked up a yummy boyfriend style lace jacket in Topshop and its yum over almost everything, plus you get to play around on colour depending on what you put underneath!

While I’m on it, part of this romantic trend is the whole concept of…..‘Underwear as outerwear’ as the fashion pack call it, but lace cut out back dresses and over the knee socks are one thing but full on lingerie inspired looks are quite another!! This look was all over the catwalk with Stella Mc Cartney, Dolce & Gabbana, Proenza Schouler, Jean Paul Gaultier and especially Christian Dior all showcasing the trend.

Personally, I’m not digging it, but I have been known to eat my words, so ya never know….On the designer front, bras were on show under sheer fabrics at Fendi, while House of Holland preferred bra-lets worn over the top (you can pick up some cool bra-lets in Urban Outfitters and Topshop) The brave amongst you can simply wear them alone or with a light jacket over the top, a look seen at Gaultier, and a look I realistically can’t see us pale Irish ladies embracing –something  perhaps most suited to Rhianna, Gaga and the likes!!!!

Other elements of the trend are exposed suspenders (eeeeeccckkk I shudder at the thoughts), House of Holland showcased  faux stocking tights, an easier alternative to the look, but only for the super duper brave… personally I think it’s too provocative and practically impossible to not look like a lady of night while try pulling it off…. What’s more another favourite of the trend in celebville is high-waisted shorts/knickers ala Sienna Miller, for now I can safely say I won’t be investing in any of these looks.

But we can still work in elements of the romantic/ boudoir look, thus managing to still be bang on trend (yeeeaaah) and whilst not needing to head out in our bra and knickers (double yeeeeaaah).
For now, I’m on the hunt for the perfect lace dress; I’m thinking blush pink, off white or maybe coral… Can’t wait to pop it on with my cropped leather jacket and killer heels! I’ll let you know how the search goes…!