So I was in the gym the other day. Like a lean, mean, workout machine (red-faced, sweating and trembling slightly). I was doing some squats or lunges or possibly some squatted lunges and I had a sort-of epiphany. I realised that these lunge-squat thingymabobbies were making my thighs strong and muscly. Not waspish and gazelle-like. Which I assume, in some subconscious, fashion influenced manner, I was striving for.

I mean it has been scientifically proven that all fashion magazines are sending you subliminal messages to eat less and move more right? An invisible Anna Wintour hiding in the folds, barking at you to put the fork down fatty. Carine Roitfield blowing out imaginary plumes of Gauloise smoke in between the shoot on leather hotpants. So I guess, yes, I wanted those likkle French thighs that slip into a pair of pencil trousers so easily or those elongated limbs that stalk down the catwalk in their leather-look leggings.
Well I realised in the gym that fateful day that I am happy to have strong, muscly thighs. They may not allow for a pair of skinny jeans to caress them lightly, but they can run pretty fast, they can pedal to the metal and they can balance good in yoga. So when I came across these ads for Nike on soisaystoher, I nearly fell off my chair. They’ve been out for a while, but somehow didn’t come onto my radar. The ads are a daring salute to sporting women everywhere celebrating swimmers shoulders, rugby players thighs and sturdy hips. There are 6 adverts in total and each contain a proud eulogy to the various elements of the female body that can often be so ‘wrong’ for fashion, but so ‘right’ for sport and power and self confidence. Bring it.