Aideen wants and NEEDs this bag from Obakki! it’s casual, but you can dress it up. It looks like it hangs beautifully! LUUUUST! SexySack.

Naomi is drooling over these R&Y Augousti cuffs. Gorgeous shade of green which is set to hijack next season apparently – kinda city meets tribal… yummy…but only available in Barneys. Damn…

Rebecca has her heart set on a darling little MiuMiu dress, mainly because she reckons she would look better than Lily in it.

Rebecca also really wants this playful little number from Sonia Rykiel, on sale at Net a Porter. For being fun and frivolous and fancy-free at the weekend. Don’t think solicitors are allowed carry bags like these into work.

I have always lusted after Camilla Skovgaard shoesies – fierce and fiercer come to mind, and these dramatic ones are on sale on Amelie. However, I’m having reservations about navy. What will happen to my extensive black tights collection?

But they are only a mild sedative. What I’m really lusting after (like serious, hard-core, adrenaline-pumped, jaw-aching lust) are these Finsk Wedges. They cost about 400 smackeroos, and considering I have never spent over €200 for anything I own, it would be a huge (insane) departure from my shopping habits. I’m thinking about not paying my car insurance for the rest of the year (oh I really hope Mr. Car Inusrance Man isn’t reading this), but then I wouldn’t have a means to drive myself around in, and these babies are clearly not made for walking. Oh Mama. The real question is do I go for black or neon (my obsession with neon might win out on this occasion) I just need one person (any person) to OK it, and I’m there.