i am finally back from Bulgaria and feeling  less than refreshed. not that i thought a week long manic, party-infested, alcohol and pizza driven holiday was going to be refreshing at all. on first arrival  in Bulgaria i wasn’t exactly prepared for what i was going to encounter. there truly isn’t much to say about Bulgarian style. in Bulgaria its all about the ripped t-shirts, colour pop string tops and metallic (not so much cool Dizzee Rascal but more mingin’-blingin’ Basshunter) bikinis. i felt like i was transported back into the 90’s – i saw an extreme overload of permed hair, luminous leg warmers and ill-fitting, high-waisted, stone-washed jeans. it was all a bit too much for my poor eyes to handle. i tried to avert my gaze away from the serious fashion faux pas’ and towards the very hot Swedish and Dutch boys that seemed to populate the country at this time of year. the one thing i did notice was a definite adoration for the wedge which made a lot of sense i thought- the night life was hectic with a lot of dancing. it included starting the fun at 10 and ending in the early hours of the morning (which suited us very well as we went straight back to pan ourselves out beside the pool). for the duration of these wild hours we walked, talked, danced on bars (fell off bars), jumped in time to the music (we hoped) and eventually stumbled home with what felt like broken toes. after the first night we learned that stilettos would just not work. we demanded comfort and height. we demanded style and leg-lengthening. and when we looked around what did we see? wedges everywhere. high ones, low ones and in-betweeny ones. they were (and are) the perfect comfortably stylish party shoe. underneath i have researched and found my top 3 pairs-delish!

i do love me some pastel shades so i do. and if anything was on my wishlist this summer it would be these beautiful wedges. so if i have one piece of advise for all you readers it would be to scrap the heels for the summer (or at least for partying) and invest in a pair of fashionable, chic and comfortably wedges. failing that, scrap the shoes all together and ‘shake yo ass’ how god intended you to – sans any shoes!