So after my previous rant about heart V head with my wedding shoesies, I was still unable to decide.

I was then off doing the Focus Ireland Four Peaks Challenge for four days (enormous rant to come about how some people look glamorous in outrageous weather conditions while hiking) and while struggling through dense fog on Carrintowgal, debated the issue in my head and decided to be sensible and purchase within my budget. When I returned yesterday I clicked on to do so and saw that their sale had begun!!!

I thought, there is no way I could get this lucky but it would seem my fashion God was smiling at me and the Zandra Rhodes shoes were reduced by €60. Then in a further stroke of serendipity, all sizes in the shoes bar mine were sold out!!!

It’s clear the fashion God was telling me to buy them, so I did.

Clip Clop here I come in my fierce new shoe booties!