converse on weight watchers

I have owned at least one pair of Converse  for years. But I gave up on them for a good while because I was making an attempt to de-scruffy myself. Plus I concluded, they made me look like a twelve year old.

But unless you’re Lady GaGa, there’s always a day when you just don’t feel like wearing heels. My back-up Cons (pink with a double tongue) were pissing me off so it was time to buy a new pair once again. I purchased the above pair of Slims yesterday and I just LOVE them. They look lovely on a bare leg or with skinny trousers. They have the affect of looking like a pump, so they almost look chic.  My back-up pink Cons can go back to being just that, the back-up I generally avoid having to wear.

I bought mine in Office which seemed to have a better range of colours than Schuh. They don’t come in the cream colour unfortunately, just navy, black, white and three shades of grey, one of which has purple laces.

Sure, every girl needs a pair of cons on her shoe rack, no? And I’ve just fallen for them all over again.

BTW while I was on Grafton Street, I dropped in to River Island because they have a sale on. A really good sale, might I add. They have a load of new lush bags just in too… I would have bought up the shop… Only I couldn’t do that, so I bought this e3 necklace instead. emoticon winky happy face.

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