I’ve been buying the odd pair of shoes in Marks and Sparks for a few years now. Leopard print courts, perfect ballet pumps, sandals that have those Heels With a Secret patent… they’ve never let me down, so I’ve always been a bit of a fan.  But christ on a bike through charity work, their latest collection has the most amount of gems that I’ve seen in recent years. I’m especially impressed with the above pair which are heavily borrowing from Alexander Wang’s style. I must have them.

Have a look at some others I picked out after the cut

shiny shiny cloggy cloggy

warrior chic - not for (most) grannies

lil bit tacky, lil bit BRILLIANT

snakeskin, check. nude, check...

a heel with a sense of humour

chanel meets hepburn meets bog standard

how very sunday times / guardian-esque

pretend expensive


imelda may probably has these

Someone else might back me up here when I say that even though M&S shoes aren’t the cheapest you’ll find, for some reason, they ARE the comfiest. The heels tend to be big enough that they’re leg lengthening, but without being too high. Cutting down on the risk of ankle injuryis always a good thing though eh?

Now I have to say… Marks is another shop guilty of ridiculous marking up from sterling to euro. Do yourselves a favour, try them on in-store and then buy them in sterling from the web site. (Avert your eyes from the criminally uncool ones though!)