The other night I had a dream. I was a teacher, Dylan Moran was my boyfriend and my parents were a travelling folk music duo. Somehow from this madness an epiphany emerged. I began to examine my fashion personality.

Now my general personality I consider to be fairly outgoing, friendly, with a tendency to talk too loud and sometimes, too much. A bit out there, you might say. But I view my personal style as a bit muted. I don’t really do patterns or florals (not quite sure I can carry them off). I tend to favour block colours, lots of black and white. And lots of layering. Stretch fabrics, long sleeved teeshirts, black jeans. This is my everyday uniform.

But I’ve always entertained the fantasy that I could be uber-chic. Chic in the original French sense of the word – stylish, with a mad dash of originality. These are qualities epitomised by many of the WWIWT ladies. In my daydreams, my chic self is able to pair new season catwalk styles with vintage pieces and something completely out of the ordinary. Such as my Benneton three-quarter length trousers (that greatly resemble a pair of World War One military uniform trousers), an Oscar de la Renta embroidered blouse and a pair of antique Chinese slippers.

Utterly bonkers by the standards of the layman, but chic to those who are in the know (thats what I’ll tell myself anyways).

Therefore it would appear that my dream fashion personality is worlds away from my current fashion personality. A bit more extrovert, a bit more outré … a bit bonkers basically. So maybe not as chic as I would like to think.

So do you have a fashion personality? Do you have a fantasy fashion personality? Or are you currently living the dream???