There is hat fever in the air. I can feel it in my bones. I can also see it in the D&G, Bimba&Lola, George Wu and Christian Dior A/W campaigns. Designer Noki (above) showed off his sustainable street collection at the Lovebox festival and hats were plentiful. Jennifer Ouellette sparked a headgear frenzy with her Gossip Girl-featured designs and that infamous turban in SATC2 looks like it’s here to stay for a while.
I’m feeling queasy. I’m just not a hat person. Odd-shaped head/hair/eyes – whatever you wish – I just cannae get one to suit me. I love the idea of hats. On other people. People who miraculously don’t suffer from hat hair, who pull off ridiculous millinery feats with aplomb, who may have sprung from the womb sporting a perfectly cocked trilby. That ain’t me. When I wear hats I feel like a giant, squealing, hat siren goes off, alerting natural hat-wearers everywhere that there is an impostor amongst them. My hats are either tilted at the wrong angle (fashion SUICIDE), show off an unflattering amount of forehead cleavage or make my hair look more like seaweed than it already does (and it looks alarmingly like seaweed already). But do I resist valiantly or do I try and get on board this gravy train? The full-on D+G flowers clearly ain’t gonna be happening, but perhaps I could dip my toe in with some Tallulah Tu head-pieces. So very pretty and beautifully crafted. I fear I’m just not very pretty or beautifully crafted enough to wear them…I could go kooky and kitschy with the home-made headband/turban ala Bimba and Lola. Songstress Lykke Li sported one in Spring and she looked spot on. Bimba and Lola also have a spiffing deerstalker to bring me through to Winter. Or George Wu has been featuring some gothic-crown creations and I think I could muster up some regal for that. Or I could go totally Mad Hatters Tea Party and invest in Jennifer Ouellette’s umbrella hat or Christian Dior’s plastic fantastic structures…

D+G Fall 2010

George Wu A/W

Kate Hudson in Jennifer Ouellette

Jennifer Ouellette: Tokyo Umbrella

Jennifer Ouellette: Harlow

Bimba and Lola A/W

Bimba and Lola

Bimba and Lola

Bimba + Lola A/W

Lykke Li

Tallulah Tu Rose Feather Headband

Tallulah Tu Denim Bow Hairband

Christian Dior A/W Couture

Christian Dior A/W Couture