The title says it all. K I’m not terrible at putting on the aul war paint… But I’m lacking in the skills that give the perfect woosh of eye colour,  the steady hand that sculpts the ultimate liner and that elusive knack of applying layers of slap that stay exactly where they’re applied.

Ever hear that phrase ‘Leave the house like Sex and the City, come home like Fair City…? *nervous laugh* oh yes, that is me, people.

Cue the gals from They’re cracked as crickets but I love them. Sam and Nic are both makeup artists and they put other YouTube tutorials in the shade.

I’ve picked out two of their videos to give ye an example of what kind of tutorials they do. The first one (above) is the ‘basics’ one. Sam shows you how to do a “I’m running late for work and need to whack on the basics” look. Ehhh… if I could even master that for Friday night down the local, I’d be delighted – let alone on the mornings I’m peggin’ it to make the 7.30 bus. But dammit I’ll keep trying til I get it right…

In fairness though, I think these vlogs are probably aimed at those who are starting out as professionals in the industry. Ach but one can still learn, no?

They also do some pretty out-there looks. They’re feckin’ fantastic to watch, but I can’t help but feel you’d need to be a Sugababe to pull them off. Maybe the next time you’re invited to go dancing in a gay club in Berlin… then again, some of ye might be braver than I am.

God I love YouTube tutorials. They’re the recession’s answer to not having to fork out for those Brown Sugar lessons.

Wouldn’t mind having the stash the two women have though…