was thinking about getting a fringe over the past week. totally impractical and unattainable. a frizzy, flyaway bonce replete with cows lick and kiss curls is not conducive to sleek, heavy, rock-chick fringes. i know this in my heart of hearts but it does not stop me yearning for the inimitable cool of the fringe. it hides a multitude of sins,  suggests drama and mystery and looks sexy as hell. however i would have to weigh mine down with mini-dumbells, straighten the bejaysus out of it every time i left the house and more often than not, would have an accidentally-asymmetrical hairline. so im rooting for wigs to make a comeback. without having to undertake any drastic styling to the head, wigs afford a whole world of personalities and looks. straight to curly, flat to bouffant, mousy to mysterious, prude to porn star etcetc no more slaving over styling products, hair-fixing tics or frizz drama. the only thing to be wary of is flammability i guess.  Katsuya Kamo – a milliner based in Tokyo – had it right at the Karl Lagerfeld Chanel couture show for SS09. the head-gear made as much of an entrance as the beguiling romantic snowstorm Lagerfeld created in his designs.

charlie le mindu has always been the queen of high wiggery – some of his creations defy belief. the hair is undoubtedly the focus of the look – everything else pales into the background.

and while we’re at it – what about a face mask? it is the next logical step afterall: the hair is sorted: wig = minimum effort, maximum impact. a bodysuit/ face mask = minimum effort, maximum impact. no more layering on the slap, no more questionable tan lines, no more comparative analysis.  all that simmering anxiety boxed off in a stylish face mask with accompanying bodysuit? the idea was showcased at Petrou Man’s SS 10 show. mainly for the fashionable male, but quite transferable i should think.

lady gaga, being the fashion buccaneer that she is, already piloted both of these accessories. and with aplomb one might add. so put me down for one lacy face mask, one fluoro body suit and one lantern-shaped wig.